Sunday, August 25, 2013

Toxic Ranch Records to Close (But Possibly Relocate)

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Bad news for Tucson's music lovers: Toxic Ranch Records, supporters of the local punk, independent and underground sound, has announced that it will be closing soon, citing a desire from TRR's landlords to expand their own space.

From the TRR Facebook page:

A few of you may have heard, but we've been given notice from our landlords (owners of Caruso's) that we need to vacate the building by the end of this year. They supposedly have plans to expand their restaurant and evidently we are in their way. We are considering a re-location to a smaller, more affordable space, but after some major personal changes in the last 2 years, and declining foot traffic, and the gentrification of downtown Tucson it may make sense to call it quits and convert to an online-only business. Instead of crying about it, we have remodeling the space to better accomadate live music and plan on a series of in-store performances, to celebrate our 22 years of supporting underground music before we are officially given the boot. Look for updates on coming live events. And would it kill you to drop by and pick up that record, t-shirt or other gimcrack you've had your eye on before it's too late?

It's a shame for Tucson to lose another one of its last real record stores (and for the Weekly to lose yet another source for the Top Ten in Music after 17th St. Guitar and World Music Store closed along with 17th St. Market), but the world of physical media is what it is.

All the best to TRR — and as they said, if you get the chance, considering swinging by there for some merch before it becomes yet another beloved local place that you thought looked cool but didn't actually spend money at.

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