Summer 101

Summer 101

There are 101 days between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. So here are 101 things on how to have fun and keep cool this summer.


Grand Finale

The Wildcats' earned a spot in next weekend's NCAA Softball Tournament Super Regionals and a rightful final chapter at the stadium that has been their home for a quarter century.

Editor's Note

Every year, I tell myself I'm past the point of complaining about a Tucson summer.

Police Dispatch

A lost, super-wasted, underage frat boy seemed unperturbed by his disorientation and inability to walk, until cops entered the picture and he had a complete meltdown.

Police Dispatch

A young man was found stuck in a family's garage, apparently in the middle of a burglary attempt.

The Skinny

Martha McSally expecting a vote on the hardline immigration measure she is cosponsoring and Ally Miller is playing nice, for now.


Not long after I met my wife in college, she and I went to a carnival at the Cochise County Fairgrounds.

Hemp on the Horizon

Ducey signed a bill giving the go-ahead for a hemp “pilot program” to explore the economic benefit of hemp.

Times They Are A Changin'

Some fear that Fourth Avenue will lose its historic charm, that new, upscale developments will drive up rents and push out local businesses and residents.

Editor's Note

Fourth Avenue has always been a funky corridor where you could run into just about anyone. But can that vibe survive as downtown evolves?

Preseason Scrimmage

The Democrats running for seats in LD9 appeared together at a forum on Saturday, May 12.

Police Dispatch

A man had an interaction with a young female college student that anyone would deem not OK, to say the least.

Police Dispatch

An east-side woman was the victim of an oddly random yet specific burglary, possibly perpetrated by an oddly random yet specific suspect.

The Skinny

The Congressional District 2 democratic showdown

520 in the Five-Two-Oh

Even before marijuana culture started entering the mainstream, mentioning 420 usually elicited an eyeroll.

Revolutionary Fashion

Sundays are busy at Buffalo Exchange. Customers stream in, hoping to score Diesel jeans or a vintage dress.

Editor's Note

Election season is upon us—so why not warm up by voting in this year’s Best of Tucson™?

Koz and Effect

A Q&A with Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik from midtown Ward 6.


President Trump and jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald have something in common—lyrics to one of her songs, Undecided

Police Dispatch

An elite Foothills preschool was the repeated victim of vandalism evidently inflicted by a graffiti-artist dope smoker with notably immature artistic leanings

Police Dispatch

A wheelchair-bound elderly gentleman showed the world he was anything but a helpless old man.

The Skinny

The Arizona Legislature wrapped up its work last week. Here are 13 takeaways from the session.


At the Rialto Theater, that age-old question—Beatles or Stones—will be emphatically asked again and then answered to no one’s satisfaction.

That’s All, Folks!

Arizona’s SB1420 dies as Democrats rejected the bill, causing it to fall short of the three-quarters vote needed to amend the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.

Editor's Note

An excerpt from local activist Jes Baker, update on #RedforEd, Tucson Salvage, a crossword puzzle explanation, and more this week.

Here Today, Gone Tamale?

"It's their job to low ball, but we're getting screwed," says owner Mike Holquist, Sr. "They're smiling at us while offering no real money."

Police Dispatch

An intoxicated man held himself together just enough to almost buy more alcohol at a convenience store.

Ice Palace

Hockey fans never expected to have a team to call their own but have embraced the Tucson Roadrunners.

Tucson Salvage

A little girl wearing a striped overshirt and floral skirt steps up to the Magic Shop booth, flicking back her flat shoulder-length hair.

Putting the Bud in ‘Budget’

While taxes from legalizing marijuana would never amount to the $650 million Ducey said the state needs to fund education, certainly the millions in revenue are worth discussing.

Trigger Warning

The national student-led movement to end gun violence is no longer only about school shootings.

High Rise on the Horizon

A high rise apartment building on Fourth Avenue is closer to sealing the deal after the Tucson City Council unanimously approved the development.

Editor's Note

I started reading Chuck Bowden's Tucson Citizen stories when I was doing my first job in the newspaper biz back in the late '70s.

Eve of a Strike

Teachers wearing red, waving Red for Ed signs and smiling at honking cars are out in front of their schools every morning.

Police Dispatch

A north-side homeowner arrived in his driveway to find a dent in his car, along with a strangely presented note.

Police Dispatch

Nobody was arrested after a University of Arizona cop had to deal with both a loud frat-house party and a frat boy.


You and I have spent a whole lot of our time these past 18 month just barely coexisting.

Moldy Malaise

Something’s rotten in the state of Arizona—and it’s the weed. Well, some of it.

Higher Ground

With marijuana markets blooming across the country, Tucson is no exception as three new dispensaries have opened in the past year.

Striking Oil

While smoking bud will likely never go out of style, the marijuana industry is quickly moving in the direction of extracts.

Sticking Around

For a tense 70 seconds, Thornydale Elementary was a goner.

Cannabis Bowl 2018

The results of our Cannabis Bowl 2018.

Editor's Note

It's pretty clear that weed is marching toward mainstream acceptance, no matter what U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says about it.

School Strife

The Red for Ed movement, which began in early March, is calling for a raise for educators and additional funding for schools.

Police Dispatch

A budding male-chauvinist bigwig insisted that doling out misogynistic insults to a female University of Arizona employee was his "right" as a paying student.

Police Dispatch

In a remarkably audacious convenience-store shoplifting incident, a man just kept topping himself in rude and unlawful behavior.

Tucson Salvage

We’d drive by The Bambi in the family car, and I thought it a bar where moms disrobed.

Guest Opinion

I have had the privilege of working in Tucson’s indigent-community mental-health system for 32 years.

Sister Assistance

The Southern Arizona Women's Foundation is raising awareness and money for issues affecting women and girls at its 25th annual luncheon, on April 18

A Matter Over Mind

The 25th annual Science of Consciousness Conference featured some of the brightest and most far-out minds on our planet discussing topics such as the evolution of language, the origin of life, psychedelics, metaphysics, artificial intelligence and much more.

Editor's Note

Tucson has an astonishing array of dynamic events for you to attend, so quit complaining there's nothing to do and get out there and have some fun!

Backpage Bust was seized on April 6 by federal law enforcement. The website was shut down, and those who ran it were arrested.

Police Dispatch

During a confrontation with her apartment-complex manager, a paranoid tenant doled out quite a "tongue-lashing".

Police Dispatch

A Green Valley man's across-the-street neighbor had a creepy habit of photographing him and his wife-always with their elderly dog

The Skinny

Downtown Tucson scored a big win last week when Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation extending the life of the Rio Nuevo district for an extra decade.


I used to think that the only two people who knew everything were God and an eighth-grader. Now the list has grown by one.

Concentration Complication

The Arizona Department of Health Services has told some dispensaries to change the way they report concentrates in a way that would vastly impact the amount of medical marijuana patients can receive every two weeks.


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