Editor's Note

Editor's Note

I’m delighted (and a little bit jealous, TBH) to say that my old friend and frequent TW contributor Leo W. Banks has published his first novel.


NAFTA Nuances

Growing stuff to feed hungry people has always been big business.

Picture of Youth

Shelby Zismann seems older than 17 as she talks about processing the two-year relationship where she experienced emotional abuse.

Police Dispatch

After allegedly gyrating against an office window (among other odd and salacious behaviors), a man was barred from University of Arizona property.

Police Dispatch

An intoxicated collegiate had an amusingly elementary response when a cop caught him with his pants (partially) down, according to a UAPD report.

The Skinny

The stampede of Republican lawmakers retreating in horror from Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is quite the spectacle.

Tucson Salvage: Portrait of a quiet man who long gazes at moments

Alone in the world and full dark is falling soon, and he listens to the stupid cars and trucks pass by, their hypnotic low rumble, the severity and austerity.

Reefer Relief

A salient solution to dispensaries' cash-only conundrum has surfaced in California.

Better To Give

Let the Weekly staff be your helpful holiday elves with their picks for the best local shops.

Get It While You Can

Local business owner Julie Simons is sick of the health care tug-of-war.

Editor's Note

No it isn't too early for our Holiday Guide to events and shopping this season. Plan your social calendar and get that shopping done early. You can thank us later.

Minor Refugees, Major Challenges

More than 5,400 juvenile immigration deportation cases were heard in Arizona between 2005 and July 2017, according to the Executive Office of Immigration Review.

Police Dispatch

A 16-year-old girl got a not-so-sweet glimpse of an elderly man walking around her house in the nude

Police Dispatch

A non-student at the UofA was busted for urinating on two of the bathroom's floor and walls, dressed as a Hasidic Jew.


I've got a birthday coming up and around this time of year, I tend to get all philosophical and stuff.

Guest Opinion

There are many reasons to be optimistic about the health of our teens, but recent funding cuts threaten future progress.


It may often seem like nothing can stop the tidal wave of marijuana legalization from washing over the country, but constant political battles remind us that it's a hard-fought battle.

Editor's Note

I've made no secret of my love for the Loft Cinema (and especially those new seats in the main auditorium).

Best in the West

Tables in Old Tucson's Grand Palace were covered in items to memorialize Mick Willoughby...

Girl Power

Girl power is on the rise, and so is girls' rugby.

Venerating Veterans

An active U.S. Air Force member kneels to hand a burial flag to Patricia Clark, quietly saying the honorary words, "We offer this flag for the faithful and dedicated service."

Police Dispatch

When a cop interrupted a woman's mystifying mission on a stranger's property, her attitude ranged from dangerously daring to meekly remorseful.

The Skinny

Sen. Jeff Flake set off a political explosion last week with his announcement that he would not seek reelection.

Guest Opinion

None of the financial support for the course Ethics, Economy, and Entrepreneurship came from the Kochs.It came from a Templeton Foundation grant of $2.9 million.

Extract Excitement

Once again, the Arizona courts have it out for medical marijuana patients.

Uneasy Street

Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy wants a countywide half-cent-sales-tax increase to deal with the county's dilapidated roads.

Single Mom Scholars

Helping Hands Tucson integrates with Interfaith Community Services

Parr in the Park

Children's author Todd Parr has a way with words.

Editor's Note

We are giving our best to those who are the best: the best shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, festivals, trails, parks and places that make Tucson a great place to live.

Alt vs. Indie

The race to replace Ward 3 Democrat Karin Uhlich on the Tucson City Council pits a Democrat against an independent candidate.

Police Dispatch

Cops effectively helped rescue a woman from what must've been a horrific psychological experience

Police Dispatch

A college student's library studies were interrupted by an unwelcome eyeful of penis

The Skinny

It appears that Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry is entirely out of fucks to give about Supervisor Ally Miller

Come to an Adios

Many of ustedes must be scratching your heads right now. "What happened to ¡Ask a Mexican!" you're preguntando yourselves.


Seventy years ago this week, the United States government crapped all over itself and for much of the next decade

Saving Sisley

Our Friendly Neighborhood scientist, Sue Sisley, who has been studying the effects of marijuana in treating PTSD, needs some help.

The Ward 6 Pack

Council Member Steve Kozachik is fighting to keep his spot as Tucson City Council's Ward 6 representative.

Editor's Note

This week we have voting and election stories, our endorsements, book excerpts, the movies to see, music in town, so much more!

Standing With Rosa

From 2014 to 2015, Rosa Robles Loreto, an undocumented immigrant, wife and mother of two, sought sanctuary at Southside Presbyterian Church.

Think of the Children

Isn't it time we took better care of Tucson's preschoolers? And our city's zoo animals? We endorse yes on Props 202, 203, and 204.

Police Dispatch

It's never fun to wake up and find someone has snuck into your dorm room and peed all over your stuff.

Police Dispatch

When are erections maybe not such a great idea? Let me tell you...

The Skinny

It's been quite a week in the Trump White House.

Tucson Salvage

Finely manicured fingers rotate like a miniature flesh-and-bone loom, looping and sliding yarn through a tattered selvage.

Ousting Opioids

Recreational marijuana could help lead to a decrease in opioid-related deaths

Rugrat Referendum

Two little girls paint on an easel while children’s classical music plays quietly. A curly-haired 3-year-old runs up to Bill Berk, the director of Outer Limits School, and hugs him around the legs.

Editor's Note

This week, staff reporter Danyelle Khmara takes a look at a vital question in front of Tucson voters this year: Prop 204.

Here's the Pitch

Tucson now has its very own iteration of Shark Tank as part of TENWEST.

Memorial Service

The people touched by Tucson's mass shooting sadly understand all too well what the victims in the Las Vegas concert massacre are going through.

The Skinny

It's been a good couple of weeks for Ann Kirkpatrick.

Guest Opinion

The Freedom Center, which has been at UA since 2011, gets a majority of its funding from the Koch Brothers and a wealthy Arizona donor couple.

Police Dispatch

SnapChat helped nab a drunk man who'd disrupted a party by screaming obscenities and exposing his penis.

Police Dispatch

Maybe don't tell the cops to chill out when you're drinking a six pack in public.

Ask a Mexican!

Dear Mexican: I'm very bothered by the fact that Tom Flores is not in the Hall of Fame.


April 25th. What do you say we settle on that date as the perfect time to talk about gun control?

Payson Party

Payson may soon be a new haven for medical marijuana patients looking to cultivate their own supply.


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