Editor's Note: South By South Wiped

Editor's Note: South By South Wiped

I'm still a little jangled from spending five days trying to drink from the sonic fire hose that is SXSW...


Vanishing Act: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Last Wednesday, the Arizona House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 2570, which intends to create the first study committee on violence against Indigenous women and girls in the state.

No Barking Matter: Oro Valley Seeks to Silence Nuisance Pets

While living in the Sonoran Desert brings with it some proximity to howling coyotes, the Raffetys—and many of their neighbors—were subject to the barking of a pack of dogs owned by Victor and Cecile Stanton.

Good News: Education Funding Woes

Once again, Arizona got a bad rap in the media for the way it funds education. But this time it's different. This time we don't deserve it.

Tucson Salvage

I don't know much about Japanese gardens, can't really define the framing and depth cues, the layered traditions. But each visit, either here at Yume Japanese Gardens in Tucson or in other American cities, elicits some visceral response.

MMJ: Marijuana in Motion

The Arizona Dispensaries Association announced their plans for a 2020 voter initiative to legalize adult-use cannabis last week.

Editor’s Note: Rays of Sunshine

It's Sunshine Week, which doesn't just mean another week of gorgeous weather here in Southern Arizona. It's also the week when the press points out the importance of having access to public records.

Domestic Death: Oro Valley Murder

Trevor Draegeth and his wife, Laurie, were allegedly involved in an argument the night before the latter was found dead in their Oro Valley home.

Classroom vs. Crime

If it's predictable, it's preventable. That was the sentiment delivered by Oro Valley Police Chief Daniel Sharp and Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier while they urged legislators to make bigger investments in Arizona's early childhood education system.

Looping Around

Marana residents will see an extension of The Loop trail from the Canyon Del Oro Wash to the west side of Interstate-10, thanks to a routine bank protection project.

Danehy: Tom takes on the anti-vax community

What is perhaps most frustrating is that the entire anti-vaxxer (bowel) movement began with a fake study conducted by a fake doctor using fake(d) data.

The Foilies 2019

The cause of government transparency finally broke through to the popular zeitgeist this year.

Green Rush Reckoning

It's a story every Intro to Economics student has heard before. A market is profitable, so firms enter the market until it's not profitable, then leave the market until it is and continue the cycle until it reaches equilibrium. It's one of the first steps in free-market correction.

Police Dispatch: Wasted Effort

An extremely intoxicated northside man made a valiant attempt at appearing alert and composed when caught illegally behind the wheel.

Editor's Note: Scam Alert

This week, staff reporter Kathleen Kunz exposes some of the scams happening in our community.

Everything Must Go: The Final Days of Tucson’s Last Kmart

Sounds echo much more when the shelves are empty. And for a place like Tucson's final Kmart, only days from closing for good, echoes are abundant.

The Skinny

The RNC says Mark Kelly needs to let Arizonans know where he stands. Does the same go for Martha McSally?

Guest Opinion: #MeTucson

It wasn't until I stood face-to-face with a raging Pima County sheriff's deputy after a domestic violence call for help in 2011 that I realized my enamored relationship with the Old Pueblo was in serious trouble

SCAM ALERT! These six con jobs cost Arizonans millions of dollars every year

Tucson Weekly spoke with law enforcement officials on the local, state and federal levels. Here's a brief look at the top six scams at work in the state today.

Check, Please

Arizona Congressional delegation voted along party lines last week as Democrats pushed one of their top priorities through the House, advancing a bill to strengthen background checks on gun transfers.

Non-Nuclear Option

Rep. Raúl Grijalva's bill enacting a permanent ban on uranium mining drew praise this week from Havasupai leaders and criticism from the mining industry

Medical MJ: Smoked Out

A national bill to end cannabis prohibition has entered the Senate's consideration with a host of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate hopefuls signing on as cosponsors

Police Dispatch: Lowbrow Usage, High-Level Use

Caught with weed at school, a tongue-tied teen couldn't quantify aspects of his marijuana habit to a police officer

Police Dispatch: If It's Got to Be Justified, It's Got to Be Tide

A casual but conscientious clothing thief also shoplifted enough name-brand laundry soap to keep his spoils unsoiled

Editor's Note: Get Lit

If you ever doubt whether Tucsonans really love books, just take a stroll down the UA Mall this weekend.

Lift off: Mark Kelly Launches Campaign for U.S. Senate in Tucson

Although he's never held public office before, Mark Kelly touts his experience as an astronaut and his life with former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as proof that he's worthy to replace Martha McSally in the U.S. Senate.

Law Enfarcement

Earlier this month, Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy announced that he and Supervisor Ally Miller have withdrawn their participation in the county's Community Law Enforcement Partnership Commission.

Unbroken Angel: Luis Alberto Urrea

Luis Alberto Urrea moved to Tucson in 1994 at the summoning of Chuck Bowden, the revered border journalist who haunted the meridian between cartel and datura bloom.

Guest Commentary: Arizona’s Nonprofits Face a Dire Future

Recent changes in federal tax laws designed to save taxpayers money are costing Arizona nonprofit organizations money

Danehy: Tom Remembers What Real National Emergencies Are

On the afternoon of sept. 11, 2001, a friend of mine called me and asked if I could fill in for him. He was scheduled to umpire a middle-school softball game at Marana Middle School.

Police Dispatch

Jealousy of a laptop's allure triggered quite the fight for a young cohabiting couple, ultimately causing them to rethink their upcoming nuptials.

Medical Marijuana: Strong Stuff

A bill to settle Arizona's cannabis concentrate commotion has passed through its first committee hearing.

Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday, Tucson Weekly!

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, 1984, the first edition of the Tucson Weekly hit the streets.

Batter up! It’s a new day at Rita Hillenbrand Stadium

A brilliant blue sky broke through a wall of slate gray clouds in the early afternoon hours Sunday, Feb. 17, shining light on the University of Arizona campus' newest gem.

Three’s a Crowd: Randi Dorman

Developer and downtown advocate Randi Dorman launched her bid for mayor of Tucson during a casual gathering of supporters last week at downtown's Connect Coworking courtyard.

The Skinny

A whole lot of bills are about to die at the Arizona Legislature and here's your chance to meet U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly

Tucson Salvage

Way back further my dad forbade Circle Ks, thought them unseemly for us kids. Later the Circle K becomes ecstasy in repetition.

Police Dispatch

As if starring in a derivative Hollywood action flick, a black-clad lone male delivered a trite one-liner before committing some seriously dangerous acts at a gas station

Police Dispatch

Nobody knows how someone—or something—mysteriously managed to make off with an enormous hot tub sitting in a man's front yard overnight.

Medical Marijuana: Crummy Case

In the filing, Polk compared the way the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act legalizes cannabis concentrates to legalizing explosives made from fertilizer.

Editor’s Note

To think that some people say there's nothing to do in Tucson. Well, this week's Spring Arts Preview proves them wrong.

Strata Deep: An insider’s look at the gem show

With more than half a century of history, the show has developed its own culture and climate, a unique group of specialists and fanatics many Tucsonans only scratch the surface of during their strolls through the swarming stalls.

Rodeo Clown Comes to Town

His job is to entertain people from the beginning of the rodeo to end—he banters with the announcer between runs, he interacts with the crowd.

Going Viral: West Nile is Here to Stay

West Nile symptoms can vary, making the illness difficult for doctors to diagnose. Most cases cause mild flu-like symptoms; others end in death.

The Skinny

Former astronaut Mark Kelly wants to knock Martha McSally out of the U.S. Senate

Danehy: Valentine’s Day Edition

Oh, I looove to be in love. Don't you looove to be in love? Ain't it just great to be in love? Oh, ain't it wonderful?

Medical Marijuana: Data for Dummies

Perhaps you've heard of Alex Berenson's book released last month, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

Police Dispatch

Somebody was having a bad day...


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