Southern Arizona Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

Southern Arizona Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

What we've covered this week


Check Up

Pima County increases COVID testing and tracing

The Skinny

TOO EARLY FOR HALLOWEEN Trailing in the polls, Sen. Martha McSally tries on an ill-fitting moderate and pragmatic persona


After battling off a demon succubus, Tom has a lot to think about

No Account

Federal banking law hinders a blossoming industry

Southern AZ Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

What's happened this week

Abuse Allegations

Sheriff candidate’s daughter makes horrific claims as primary approaches

The Skinny: Primary Day is Here

Time to decide the nominees for the November general

A Cautionary Tale

What started out as an impromptu goodbye party has turned into a nightmare that doesn’t seem to end

Blowing Smoke

Anti-pot prohibitionists sue to keep recreational use prop off November ballot

A Teacher's COVID Journal

Niki Bolze Tilicki thought her summer at home was going to be isolated and boring. Then she got sick.

Follow the Money

Supporters of the prop that would legalize recreational mariuana have a lot more money than opponents, but to get to the ballot, they’ll have to survive a court challenge

Changing of the Guard

The races for Pima County constable fall far down on the primary ballot. Here’s why you should pay attention this year.



Tucson Salvage: Unboxing a Life

A sign on the glass out front clearly states all customers must wear a mask

Healthy Skepticism

Fact checkers continue to call BS on McSally’s healthcare claims.

Southern AZ Weekly COVID-19 Update

What news occurred this week

Southern Arizona COVID-19 News Weekly Roundup

The stories we covered this week

Deadly Restraint

A second episode of a death in TPD custody surfaced last week


Tucson City Council repeals ordinance that could have limited filming of cops

Judgment Day

Three Democrats want to be the next county attorney as a national movement for criminal-justice reform takes center stage

Prosecutorial Predicaments

The Pima County Attorney’s race is heating up as the candidates—and their allies—fiercely try to discredit each other as mail-in ballots hit mailboxes last week

Southern Arizona Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

This week's news

Class Struggle

Parents will need to prepare themselves for having kids around the house when the school year starts

Crossing the Line

Last Thursday, Mayor Regina Romero alerted Tucsonans via Twitter she was urging City Manager Mike Ortega to revoke a permit


It's past time to take down Tucson's Pancho Villa statue

Burn Notice

Smart and Safe Arizona filed 420,000 signatures with the Arizona Secretary of State's Office on July 1

High Expectations

Some of the finer medicine you’ll find at your local dispensaries

Cannabis and Coronavirus

Southern Arizona Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

The COVID News We Covered This Week

The Skinny

Things Don't Look So Good for McSally

Something in the Air

Happy Independence Day! Early Voting Starts Next Week!

Tucson Salvage

A thing of hate

Stay Home Arizona

An update on extended closures

Tucson Salvage: A Thing of Hate

Southern Arizona Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

A glimpse at the news covered throughout the week


The Bighorn Fire has devoured more than 80,000 acres in the Santa Catalina Mountains. What will the sky island look like when the smoke clears?

On the Record

Prosecutor seeking top spot in Pima County Attorney’s Office has several letters of reprimand in his personnel file

Mask Up

Residents of Pima County required to cover their faces in public to combat spread of COVID-19

Taking Home

Whether you get evicted in Pima County depends on where you live

Here to Stay, For Now

DACA gets a reprieve, but Trump vows to make another attempt to end the program for undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children



All Bark and No Bites

Keeping your dog safe from rattlesnakes during the summer

Stray Thoughts

The Future of Helping Dogs on the Loose

Stay At Home

You can prevent separation anxiety in your dogs

Pet Problems

Keeping your furry friends safe from the summer heat

Prime Time

Boasting one of the most diverse selections of MMJ products in Tucson at reasonable prices, The Prime Leaf makes sure its customers leave happy and feeling hooked-up

Southern Arizona Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

The news and events that made the week

Renewed Focus

The Tucson City Council plans to review a controversial ordinance

20 Low-Risk Ways to Have Fun This Summer

Festivals are off the list, but there are ways to have a good time despite the outbreak

Safety First

How to have fun this summer while minimizing the risk of COVID-19

Take a Hike!

But follow these safety tips to get home safely

MMJ: No Rush

There’s plenty of medicine on the shelves at local dispensaries

Editor's Note

Southern AZ Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

Communication Breakdown

Tucson’s deaf and hard-of-hearing community speaks out about the increased difficulty they face communicating with the public due to COVID-19 masks and other precautions taken during the pandemic.


Masks, protests and even a kind word for George Will: What a time to be alive

Tucson Salvage

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

MMJ: End Prohibition

Legalizing cannabis in November can help equalize racial disparity

Southern Arizona COVID-19 Weekly Roundup

The COVID-19 Centric Stories We Covered

The Skinny

Republican Martha McSally’s Senate campaign is in a tailspin

Lights Out

Arizona under curfew order following protests in Phoenix and Tucson

Lesson Plans

Public schools and the UA look to reopen in the fall

Cabin Fever

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to climb, voters are split on whether AZ is reopening too soon but want to visit family and friends again

MMJ: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Acclaimed MMJ Doc Heather Moroso is creating new wellness center

Editor's Note

Pomp and Troubled Circumstance

All Class

Celebrating This Year's Graduating Seniors

MMJ: Cloudy Complaints

Cannabis advocates should recognize that even if they don’t think the proposed ballot prop is perfect, it will let people avoid jail time for smoking weed

Editor's Note

A note from the editor on the contents of this issue.

Weekly Southern Arizona COVID-19 Roundup

The COVID-19 happenings from this week.

Grading on a Curve

Gov. Doug Ducey has lifted the stay-at-home order, but health officials advise continued precaution

Tucson Salvage

A call to duty in pandemic lockdown

MMJ: High Court Issues Harsh Ruling

Arizona Supreme Court rejects effort to allow electronic signatures for Arizona initiative campaigns, including an effort to ask voters to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults

Mikel Weisser RIP

Longtime legalization advocate dies at 61

Editor's Note

Curve Balls

Southern Arizona Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

This week in COVID-19 News


Tom really, really misses sports, and esports don't count.

MMJ: Crickets for Cannabis

When the state enters crisis mode, priorities become clear

Editor's Note

Should I stay or should I go?

Test Run

Retail will begin to open next week. Then what?

Southern Arizona COVID-19 Weekly Update

Weekly happenings surrounding COVID-19

The Coronavirus Collapse

The outbreak is putting state and local governments into financial freefall

Senior Support

Caregivers can receive on-the-job training after Governor's order

MMJ: High Crimes?

After taking off the goggles, how bad are Harvest’s alleged indiscretions, really?

Editor's Note

Day of Decision

Weekly COVID-19 Roundup

Some of the stories we covered this week

Current: Within Hearing Distance

Mental health and substance abuse providers relying on telehealth during COVID-19

The Skinny

Updates on election coverage


Tom just can't keep living this way - and he doesn't think you can, either

MMJ: Quack Cures

Watch what you think you know about coronavirus and treatments

Editor’s Note

Muchas Gracias

Southern Arizona COVID-19 Roundup

The COVID-19 stories we covered this week.

The Skinny

Your federal races in Southern Arizona are shaping up.

Tucson Salvage

Grounded: Are the kids alright?

MMJ: High Sign

initiative campaigns to request use of electronic signature gathering

Editor's Note: Happy 4/20

Happy 4/20

Currents: Help Wanted

As the COVID-19 outbreak forces the economy to a grinding halt, more and more people across the country are losing their jobs.

MMJ: Pure Drops

The benefits of tinctures

MMJ: Cannabis Fever

While it's not the cannapocalypse, patients are definitely stocking up on their medicine.


Donald Trump as Wartime President: A Sick Joke in Our Sick Nation

High Praise: Cannabis Reviews

Some products to consider for your medicinal experience

Presenting: The Tucson Weedly's Cannabis Bowl 2020 Winners

And the winners are...

Editor's Note: Gimme Shelter

It took longer than it should have, but Gov. Doug Ducey finally narrowed his list of businesses that were allowed to remain open under his statewide stay-at-home order.

Shifting Gears

Local businesses in Southern Arizona are pitching in and switching production to help the healthcare industry as well as the public amid shortages of food, medical supplies and lodging during the coronavirus pandemic.

Outdoors During the Outbreak

Facilities close, hikers inundate trails

Behind Closed Doors

What if home isn't the safest place for you?

520 Cannabis

As Arizona officially goes into lockdown, cannabis dispensaries continue to operate, having found a rhythm amidst the outbreak.

Editor's Note: We Need Your Help

First of all, stay home if you can.

The Skinny

Keep Yourself, Your Family and Your Community Safe From This Outbreak

Tracking the Virus

If you're wondering when we can all get back to normal, we have some bad news for you: Nobody really knows for sure.

Tucson Salvage: A Pandemic Day at Circle K

A Pandemic Day at Circle K

Richard Elías, RIP

Pima County Supervisor Richard Elías died Saturday, March 28, at age 61.

Danehy: Life in the Age of Coronavirus

Tom goes shopping for toilet paper and reflects on life in the age of coronavirus.

520 Cannabis

Keeping up with COVID

To Our Readers

A letter to you, our readers, from our President.

Editor’s Note: Here to Help and Inform

As the confirmed cases of COVID-19 rise across the state, there’s a lot of uncertainty out there.

Feed the Children

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has put a growing number of people out of work and Gov. Doug Ducey has extended school closures through at last April 10.

Interview: Fighting the Bug

Dr. James Galloway is a former assistant U.S. Surgeon General, a cardiovascular medical doctor and a public health expert.

Pressed for Space

Local child care is on shaky ground as more Tucson families are staying home to fight the spread of coronavirus after Gov. Doug Ducey’s order that school closures would continue through at least April 10.

Medical Marijuana: Keeping Coronavirus Out of Cannabis

While many businesses in major metropolitan areas have closed their doors for the foreseeable future, medical cannabis patients don’t have to worry

Tucson Goes Dark

In my career as a journalist, I've covered some stories that have changed our community dramatically: The aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, the 2011 mass shootings at Gabby Giffords' Congress on Your Corner. But I've never seen a week like this...

520 Cannabis: Legislative Update

The good, the bad and the deplorable of state legislators on cannabis

The Foilies 2020

“The Ringer,” the first track on Eminem’s 2018 album, Kamikaze, includes a line that piqued Buzzfeed reporter Jason Leopold’s curiosity: the rapper claimed the Secret Service visited him due to some controversial lyrics about Ivanka Trump.

Danehy: The Pandemic and Sports

Maybe someday in the distant future, the prevailing wisdom will be that it was prudent to have shut down the NCAAs.

School's Out

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Superintendent of Public Education Kathy Hoffman announced Sunday afternoon that all Arizona public schools are closing at least through March 27.

Police Dispatch

What are those crazy criminals up to this week?

Viral Collapse

What a difference four days can make.

Editor's Note: Cowboy Up

It's a damn shame the Tucson Festival of Books has been canceled, but with authors worried about traveling in the Age of COVID-19, it sure sounds like organizers had no choice. Still, it's one of my favorite events of the year and I was looking forward to meeting a bunch of terrific authors.

Clearing the Record

For most people, the most exciting part of legalizing cannabis is the ability to freely consume a substance less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol. For others, it may be the ability to go to school, get a job or buy a house.

Danehy: We have to win in November

It's going to take a decade or more to clean away the stench left behind by a one-term Trump Administration. If he gets another term, the America that we love may well cease to exist.

Police Dispatch

Nude, Unglued, and Not a Prude / She Finally Heard the Light

Random Thoughts on the Writing Trade and Advice You'd be a Fool to Take

Everybody has a novel in them, right? How many people have you heard say, “One of these days I’m going to write a novel?”

Charlie Spillar: The Man in the Moon

A deep dive into Charlie Spillar and who he was.

Start the Presses

Tucson Weekly columnist Brian Smith and his wife, Maggie, are rolling out an independent publishing company, R&R Press.

The Skinny

A pair of recent polls show McSally continuing to trail her Democratic challenger, retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly.

Viral Warning

Hours after local organizers canceled this weekend’s Tucson Festival of Books over coronavirus concerns, the Pima County Health Department announced the first “presumptive” case of coronavirus in unincorporated Pima County.

Back on the Job

U.S. Representative Ann Kirkpatrick met with constituents during a one-on-one event, Congress On Your Corner, at the Murphy-Wilmot Public Library on Saturday, Feb. 29.

Test Spin

Earlier this week, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and the city council reviewed the Tucson Transportation and Mobility Department’s E-Scooter Pilot Program Report during their March 3 study session. The six-month pilot program is scheduled to end March 12, if the mayor and council vote not to continue.

Spin Machines

Staff reporter Austin Counts is taking you for a spin through the pros and cons of those little cycles in this edition as the Tucson City Council prepares to determine the fate of the scooters following a six-month trial period.

Police Dispatch

A junkie nabbed driving while high didn’t let his extreme impairment stop him from pretending he wasn’t—resulting in a long night for the cop who caught him, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Researchers at the University of Arizona are developing wearable technology to analyze sweat, which may remove the need to draw blood to learn about the body’s functions in certain situations.

Mayor of Dog Town

Steve Farley became the newest CEO of The Humane Society of Southern Arizona on Wednesday, Feb. 19, and hopes to use the lessons he’s learned in his numerous previous roles to continue the organization’s “vision of a community in which all pets are cared for and loved.” Farley views leading the Humane Society as the next step in his public service.


Israel has lost its way and is in real danger of losing whatever international support if once had. I, for one, would like to be able to root for it again.

High Anxiety

Cannabis advocates are used to the common refrain from opponents: Cannabis is more dangerous today because it’s so much stronger than what hippies were smoking in the ’60s.

Fancy Footwork

This week's cover story features Megan Maltos and her mother, Jill, who run Danswest, a local dance school that has been teaching kids the ups and downs of everything from ballet to hip-hop for decades. Plus, we celebrate The Loft's Peggy Johnson and check out what's new in food, music and news.

Police Dispatch

A homophobic drifter-type using University of Arizona facilities was kicked off campus after drifting way too far in a random interaction with a stranger, according to a UA Police Department report.

Movie Star

Peggy Johnson grew up loving film, but it wouldn’t be until after a 25-year career as a reporter with Arizona Public Media that she would helm the celebrated role she’s known for today: executive director of The Loft Cinema. Johnson will be awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tucson Local Media Women of Influence awards on March 4.


You’d figure that having done Lent for all these years that it would get easier. I’ve certainly learned from some of my mistakes so at least I’m not making things worse as the years go by. Here's my five toughest Lents.

Tucson Salvage

A mother-daughter team teaches kids to find their own rhythm.

Lofty Legislation

As the Safe and Smart Arizona Act initiative effort gains traction, state lawmakers are considering legalizing cannabis in the state legislature.

Slam-Dunk Sisterhood

Contributor Tom Danehy makes the case that this is the best women’s basketball team the university has ever seen in this week’s cover story. Plus, we have plenty of music, food, arts and news stories for you this week.

Police Dispatch

A popular TV crime show may or may not have contributed to the corruption of a minor college student clearly drinking way more than she could handle (despite her confident claims otherwise), according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

The Fight for San Pedro

On Sunday, Jan. 26, a crowd of more than 1,000 gathered on a remote bridge in rural Arizona to protest the construction of a border wall across the San Pedro River, the last major undammed river in the Southwest.

Back to the wall

Tohono O’odham nation Chairman Ned Norris said the “controlled blasting” for a border wall that will ultimately cut through his reservation is just the latest example of the federal government ignoring its duty to consult with tribes.


Foreshadowing the reaction of some people today who love their Social Security and Medicare but blanch at the mention of socialism, Sinclair reflected on his failed race with, “The American People will take socialism, but they won’t take the label.”

Slam-Dunk Squad

I’ve been a basketball fan for nearly six decades and a Wildcat fan for four, but rarely have I had this kind of reaction. There was the Sean Elliott Final Four team in 1988 and the national championship team in 1997. And now, it’s the UA women.

Terpene Time

In the early years of legal cannabis cultivation, dispensaries explored ways to vastly increase the concentration of THC and CBD in their strains. After years of development though, the focus has shifted to increase the variety of consumption methods and fine-tuning cannabinoid profiles.

State of the Arts

The Spring Arts guide is here to inform you of what's going on in Tucson's vibrant arts scene. Plus, we look at the city's new transportation plan, who's dropping out of Pima County races and plenty of food, music and movie news.

Police Dispatch

A vegan collegiate believed his peers were subjecting him to secret psychological torture for eschewing animal products in his diet, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

Multi-Modal mania

The city of Tucson’s Transportation and Mobility Department announced the start of its 20-year transportation plan called Move Tucson during a public meeting Wednesday evening at the Fox Theatre.

Skate of Play

University of Arizona hockey is no longer on thin ice. After years of decline and near collapse, the team has re-emerged stronger because of re-energized organizers, increased media exposure and more wins.

The Skinny

Candidates are having second thoughts about running for the Board of Supervisors this year.


Well, all you Trump cultists who used to be part of the now-defunct Republican Party, that whirlwind is coming your way. Oh, it’s a long way off because the now-totally unrestrained Donald Trump must first lay waste to America and democracy and Mitt Romney. But when he runs out of rivers to pollute, syntax to butcher, and brown-skinned families to destroy, he’ll come for you.

High Hopes

If you watched last Friday night’s Democratic presidential debate ahead of this week’s New Hampshire primary, you saw debate moderator Lindsey Davis light up candidate Pete Buttigieg over the increased arrests of black citizens for marijuana offenses during the eight years he’s been mayor of South Bend, Indiana. 


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