Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Fourth Avenue's Flycatcher nightclub may be demolished this summer, with plans for new apartments and retail space.


Troubled Tram

For some, there's only one thing that can break the magic of this place: the Sabino Canyon shuttles.

Burçin’s Galaxy

A few decades ago, a young Girl in Turkey pasted images and quotes from Albert Einstein into her journal.

Editor's Note

A preview of the cultural events in Tucson this spring!

War and Remembrance

Veteran Jonathan Green not accustomed to getting emotional, and was surprised by his reaction to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Police Dispatch

A drunk man went out shoe-shoplifting and landed himself in jail, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The Skinny

If you're terribly surprised that the GOP-controlled Congress is on a mad spending spree now that they hold the nation's purse springs, you have forgotten the lessons of the George W. Bush administration.


Have you ever been watching something on the news and your mind just starts spiraling?

Irrational Immolation

After last week's excitement over SB1420, the Arizona bill that would reduce registration fees for patients, it reached an impasse as Republicans refused to allow lower fees.

Tap Dance

In addition to the dozens of collaborations between local brewers and food pairing events, the Tucson Craft Beer Crawl takes over the city for a day.

Let Love in

Valentine's Day might seem a bad time to ponder the perplexing dichotomy of our rapidly connecting yet rapidly isolating world, but here we go.

Hop to It

We've scoured the Tucson landscape of beer-themed events and picked out some of the best and bubbliest for your enjoyment.

Loophole Lessons

As part of the Fair Share Campaign, ACEP will hold events to educate people on how "fiscal decisions affect the priorities that Arizonans care about."

Editor's Note

Our cover story will tell you what you need to know about Beer Week and Tucson Craft Beer Crawl.

Methodists Help Migrants

This church's heart includes a drum kit and electric guitar below the dais, water harvesting to feed the native trees in the yard and, now, an immigration legal services clinic.

Police Dispatch

A couple tries to dine and dash their Christmas dinner at Waffle House.

Police Dispatch

A guy wandering the University of Arizona campus was trying very hard to get into a fight.

The Skinny

Jim Nintzel watches McSally go full Trump since announcing her Senate run and takes a closer look at a panel discussion with Mexico-based photographers.

Tucson Salvage

A dust devil charges down the swap-meet walkway and stirs the shop's neatly displayed sunglasses, silver trinkets, and daisy-happy pillows.

Practical Progress

Last week, state Sen. Sonny Borrelli introduced a bill that would significantly lower card fees for patients.

Criminal Compassion

A humanitarian aid worker is being charged with a felony after giving blankets, clothes, food and water to migrants crossing the desert.

Hoop Dreams

Danehy is known for his laissez faire coaching philosophy that's void of the complicated schemes that have inundated basketball at all levels.

Editor's Note

If there's a Tucson band that has been the soundtrack of my life for the last two decades, it's Calexico.

Dreamer Dilemma

Dreamers still have plenty to worry about with Donald Trump's latest immigration proposal.

Said in Stone

When Kelsey Henderson does a lithomancy reading—a method of divination that uses stones to foresee the future—she uses the stones to speak.

Police Dispatch

An amped-up, intoxicated woman wearing binoculars was apprehended after a Christmas evening of antics.


Tom thinks this generation shows there’s hope for the future, even if their music sucks.

Cashing In

No matter on which side of the aisle members of Congress sit, we can all get behind the idea of bolstering the national budget.

Tucson Salvage

There's likely no place on earth where the Tucson Mineral & Gem World could exist except in the desert outskirts of Tucson, Arizona.

Running on Cannabis

A growing number of politicians are making cannabis legalization a central pillar of their policy platforms.

Study Brawl

Riggs: "We’ve got to get more dollars into the classroom to actually promote classroom teaching and learning."

Editor's Note

In honor of the gem shows that are lighting up Tucson, we're bringing you the story of Ron Ratkevich, the proprietor of a one-of-a-kind curiosity shop on Tucson's west side.

Troubled Trail

Who are the "Honeybee Hucksters," and why do they (and Lewis) care so much about a nominal section of dirt road?

Police Dispatch

A private housing community's private swimming pool was subjected to a very inappropriately private act.

Police Dispatch

Someone stole a lot of large gardening tools belonging to the University of Arizona.

The Skinny

Here in Arizona, Democrats are optimistic that this will be the year that they finally turn things around and win a few statewide races.

Last Chance

Congressional advocates now have three weeks to curtail the potential crackdown on the nation’s billion-dollar marijuana industry.

Death Sentence

When the guard at Pima County Jail found Branden Roth, he was lying on the floor of his cell, covered in blood.

Still Dreaming

The fate of Dreamers is uncertain, prone to the whims of a president whose policy demands change faster than his staff.

Editor's Note

This week, staff writer Danyelle Khmara digs into the life of Branden Roth, a 24-year-old man who was killed in Pima County Jail last year.

Kids on the Run

In a clear sign that the number of unaccompanied minors is again surging at the southwest border, a shelter for these youngsters hosted a job fair last month.

Police Dispatch

The subject remained at large at the time of the report, presumably doing as he pleased.

Police Dispatch

He simply stated that "the crock pot was about chemistry and that he was very interested in chemistry."

The Skinny

Martha McSally is off into the wild blue yonder


It is not fair or proper in life to stereotype people. I know that I have been guilty of it in the past, but I’m going to try to get better.

Legislation Launch

Two competing bills hit the state legislature this month.

Editor's Note

A pre-season preview of the 2018 midterm elections.

Above and Beyond

Beyond Tucson encourages people to get outside, spend time with loved ones, come together as a community and remember what's important in life.

Trigger Warnings

"One thing that we all get from Gabby is an enormous amount of strength, resilience, and grit..."

Police Dispatch

An intoxicated woman toting lots of luggage revealed she likewise had plenty of figurative baggage.

Out of Bounds

There are many juicy tidbits in the claim against Rodriquez, but here are the items that stand out.

The Skinny

To get you ready, here's a preseason primer on what's going on in some of the high-profile races we will be following this year.

Tucson Salvage

Inside the Kolb Road Lounge, things all blur, one into another. Time stops.

The War on Weed

Attorney General Jeff Sessions formally opened the floodgates for the prosecution of marijuana businesses, on Thursday, Jan. 4.


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