Voucher Showdown

Voucher Showdown

Canvassers switched red shirts for yellow ones before hitting the streets to knock on doors.


Editor’s note

While there are probably better ways of paying for street repair than the short-term bonds Pima County is asking voters to approve in November, you're not going to see a gas tax increase at the state or federal level anytime soon.

Guest Opinion

The County Board of Supervisors has always supported the Sheriff and the men and women who work in law enforcement.

The Skinny

Why Lea Márquez Peterson won’t say whether she’s OK with locking up undocumented kids

Tucson Salvage

Just another story from America.

Hell Yes on Prop 463!

It's going to take one thing: Money.

Police Dispatch

A woman working before a football game was the unhappy witness of a very happy-looking man who gave her an objectionable eyeful.

Candidates on Cannabis, Part 2

Activists and advocates are gearing up for a packed cannabis agenda in the Arizona Legislature next session.

Tucson Residents Discuss Gentrification in the Barrios

The Southwest Fair Housing Council is hosting its next event, “Tucson and Beyond: The Fight for Fair Housing in the Southwest,” on Friday, Oct. 26th.

Editor's Note

Campaign season is in full swing, so you can expect us to load up the paper with plenty of news about who's running for office between now and Election Day.

Justice Delayed

Toni Solheid never stopped hoping the man who shot and killed her daughter would see his day in court. And now, more than six years later, he is.

The Skinny


Tom remembers that one time he gave Burt Reynolds a great idea

Bennu Trek

Q&A with professor, planetary scientist and cosmochemist Dante Lauretta

Donald’s Girl

Republican Wendy Rogers is hoping to flip Arizona's Congressional District 1, a seat held by Democratic representatives since redistricting created a competitive district ahead of the 2012 election.

Legal Maneuvers

While most county officials won't be up for re-election until 2020, one major race is up for grabs this year: Clerk of the Superior Court.

And They’re Off!

Gov. Doug Ducey will face a test of his leadership from Democrat David Garcia, who came out on top of the three-way Democratic primary last month.

Police Dispatch

UA officers were sent to the BIO5 Institute to address a call about a suspicious male inside the building making "random comments."

Candidates on Cannabis

A look at how candidates stack up on cannabis issues for the Nov. 6 election

What is the Cost of Free Speech?

The boundaries of free speech on college campuses have become more controversial in recent years.

Editor’s note

we're running an excerpt from Tucsonan Alice Hatcher's debut novel, The Wonder That Was Ours.

Pickleball Pro

Before Tucson Country Club's Director of Pickleball Joey Farias had ever heard of pickleball, he was on his way to becoming a professional tennis player.

The Skinny

Weekly Editor Jim Nintzel tackles the primary election results.

Police Dispatch

A man was found dancing and contorting himself into odd positions while panhandling on the UA campus.

Police Dispatch

A north-side homeowner suspected her neighbors of vandalizing her yard-but despite the vandalism being off-putting, its very nature seemed bent on keeping her around

Reefer Madness

Surprisingly, the White House is doing something stupid. Not the normal, effortless stupidity, but a level of stupidity they had to put time and thought into achieving.

Editor's Note

McCain, who died Saturday, Aug. 25, after battling brain cancer for year, was a political legend in Arizona.

RIP, Senator

Heartfelt tribute from a former U.S. Representative

Eyes on the Prize

After traveling over a billion miles through the heart of space, the robotic explorer has only a million more to go.

Tight Corner

A committee approved the design for the controversial Union on 6th

The Skinny

In 2010, I was sitting across from Sen. John McCain on the old Arizona Illustrated Friday roundtable as our panel of reporters peppered him with questions.


When news hit the other day that, almost simultaneously, Paul Manafort had been convicted of eight felonies and that Michael Cohen had pleaded guilty to eight felonies, I immediately switched over to Fox News.

Baffling Bacteria

Mold has been a contentious topic in the Arizona cannabis industry for some time, but the one thing people can't seem to figure out is how big of a problem it really is.

Police Dispatch

A random man decided to host a disorderly daytime shindig for himself (and a stuffed animal) out of a car parked in the middle of the University of Arizona campus

Editor's Note

Find out where the good stuff is in the paper this week.

Columnist Clapback

After our longtime columnist Tom Danehy wrote a critique of morning daily columnist Jonathan Hoffman's recent columns on #RedforEd (Danehy, Aug. 16), the Weekly invited Hoffman to write a rebuttal.

Police Dispatch

A case of the missing (dog) meds...

Police Dispatch

A man walking around late at night refused to admit he was doing anything illegal...

State Senate Showdown

With no Republican challenger in the very Democratic Legislative District 3, whoever wins the primary will in all likelihood win the race for Arizona Senate.

The Skinny

County wins another round in court against Goldwater Institute over the World View deal and turns out that Democrat Catherine Ripley has a lousy voting record

Tucson Salvage

"Really, our church is getting out on our bikes, out in nature," said Trish Baird. She is deceptively tough. She whoops ass in a man's game.

Infusion Invasion

As the adage goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and that seems to be the alcohol industry's take on the cannabis market.

Editor's Note

To welcome our Wildcats back to town, we turned over much of the paper to our unpaid college interns.

Four on the Floor

Tucson's Legislative District 10 is a rarity in state politics: A competitive district that could go either way in a general election.

Police Dispatch

A man refused to acknowledge the difference between urinating in a public restroom and on a public restroom

Wild Westside

Westside Legislative District 3, which includes the University of Arizona, downtown and Tucson's west side, is such a heavily Democratic district that it didn't even draw a Republican candidate in the general election.

Police Dispatch

Sheriff's deputies responded to a gas station whose attendant reported a shirtless, bald, heavily tattooed man harassing customers.

Problematic Partnership

On Feb. 20, a crowd had showed up to protest Stonegarden's annual renewal. The supervisors voted 3-2 to accept the federal grant.


Tom picks a fight with a columnist from the morning daily.

Quarterback Rush

Khalil Tate has gone from little-known backup to gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated's college football preview issue in less than a year.

Mad Science

The UA College of Science is doing some amazing stuff these days: space missions, drug research, insect examinations and a lot more.

How To Survive on Campus for Just Pennies a Day!

Tuition. Books. Craft beer. Everything costs more now than it did 10 years ago, or 20 years ago...

Travel Guide

Nothing symbolizes the start of a new school year better than the sudden onslaught of humanity racing across the University of Arizona.

Fee Rein

An innocuous request from a state senator has once again turned eyes toward the Arizona Department of Health Service's growing pile of cash graciously provided by the state's medical cannabis patients.

Editor's Note

Our editor wishes well to our recent batch of interns, and let's you know what to expect in the paper this week.

The Skinny

On Paper, Ann Kirkpatrick should be running away with Southern Arizona's Congressional District 2 Democratic primary.

Love and Steele

Two candidates who've held elected office are running for the Senate seat in Legislative District 9.

Pet Tattoo Winner Announced!

We're happy to announce the first-place winner of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and Tucson Weekly's "Tatts for Tails" contest is Tyler Crawford!

8 Things You Should Know About The Primary Election

The Aug. 28 primary election will be here before you know it. With the help of a hard-working crew of unpaid interns, the Weekly is bringing you a few fun facts and recaps of memorable moments from this summer's campaign season.

Pot Profile

BDS Analytics complied data from more than 11,000 surveys of both legal and illegal, medical and recreational users.


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