Friday, May 24, 2019

A Night of Vibes at Illegal Pete's

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On Tuesday, May 22, a handful of local Tucson artists shook up the upper deck stage of Illegal Pete’s. This eclectic group of young talent came together for a night entitled ALL VIBEZ, a music show that invited the community to come and “vibe with us”.

The performance list consisted of neo-soul singer Stevie Rose, and rappers ZCO, Ray the Dude, Benny loc, Jae, Trippboi, lil Skank and Emic. Emic is the mind behind RECORDEDVIBEZ, the collective group that hosted the show. Emic says the motive behind the show was to create a platform to present some of Tucson’s talent, in which it truly did in an intimate, college setting.

First to take the stage in the dimly lit, neon-sign surrounded upper deck was Rose, who gave the audience a selection of soulful songs and even a hint of acoustic sounds thanks to help from guest guitarist JT.

Following was ZCO, who shouted out members of the crowd by name in the midst of rapping uplifting, vulnerable lyrics. The show’s organizer, Emic, brought edgy, old school sounds with him onstage during his set.

The remainder of the night continued with rap, with acts such as Jae and Ray the Dude teaming up onstage and Yung Davon’s guest appearance during Trippboi's set. The show displayed what the Tucson music scene has to offer, energy and diversity. ALL VIBES served its purpose. Vibing was no challenge at all.

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XOXO: Where to Rock this Weekend - May 24 to 26

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Friday, May 24

Multiculturalism in effect: Their rich sound is a mezcla of rockabilly, cumbia, jazz and Gypsy sung, in both English y Español. Their odyssey began when a 20-year-old, trumpet-wielding firebrand of an English singer moved to Spain to form a band with a rockabilly double bassist and the “best flamenco/punk guitarist” that the two of them knew. Clear away any buffelgrass when Jenny & The Mexicats blaze a trail towards the Rialto Theatre. With slamming Oakland quartet Bang Data. “It’s enough to drive a motherfucker loco.”

  • Courtesy 191 Toole
Armed with replica chromed LED helmets and retro costumes, One More Time: A Tribute to Daft Punk promises to take the uninitiated and well-seasoned time travelers alike on a sojourn through Daft Punk’s Discovery (2001) album. At 191 Toole.

UG Desert Artists
presents Live! From the Underground a showcase of Arizona hip hoppers. At Solar Culture.

Blacklidge Community Collective is the site of an all-ages punk/metal event. Featuring the Nintendo grind of Cybearg, BYOM, Muddle of Pud and The FIST.

The B-Sides play “the songs you forgot that you loved,” while Breaking Glass fill in the low end blissfully. At Irene’s Holy Donuts.

Out on the Mutation Tour, Midnight Tyrannosaurus’s heavy dubstep beats create “Brain Sludge” at Gentle Ben’s. DJs Ramrod, Sirenz and Cursor trade off behind the decks.

Natty & The Sunset set smiles straight. At Crooked Tooth Brewing.

The Unday and Shooda Shook It fill the existential void with melody and groove. At the Surly Wench Pub.

Experimental jazz with Dark Maps happens off-the-cuff at Westbound.

Nitecall: Women of Wave sees DJ Mijito and RedaDax spinning darkwave/post-punk/new wave/synth/coldwave in honor of the women who undulated. At R Bar.

As part of the Friday Night Live Free Concert Series, virtuoso violinist Beth Daunis, nylon string master Mark Wilsey and steel string psychobilly slinger Phil Lipman may provide “the link between the Old Pueblo and galaxies far, far away.” Reno del Mar fill the evening air with something other. At Main Gate Square.

From Long Beach, the Laurie Morvan Band add their unique shade of color to Blues Fridays on the plaza at Hotel Congress.

Saturday, May 25

Canadian psychedelic rockers Black Mountain’s latest, Destroyer (Dine Alone Records, 2019), named after the single-run 1985 Dodge muscle car of the same name, captures all of the wide-eyed freedom that comes along with scoring one’s first driver’s license, feeling invincible, and being fully in the driver’s seat. At 191 Toole. Birds & Arrows and La Cerca propel the evening forward.
Black Mountain - COURTESY
  • Courtesy
  • Black Mountain

Shout out to all the juggalos. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope bring back the “Dark Carnival.” Hide your offspring. Insane Clown Posse storm the Fury Tour into the Rialto Theatre.

Juking? DJs Ruff Idyll, C10, LOMMOL, JunMei, Fluites, Wittheums and B3B kick off a night with freak dancing in mind. Phasing: A Night For Dancing in the Dark. At Owls Club. Body condoms optional.

Performing original compositions and adaptations rooted in various pan-African styles: African Folk, Afro-pop, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. The Key Ingredients of African Soul mesmerize and make bodies involuntarily sway at Monterey Court.

The heavy stoner rock of Manguera along with Kryge, Copper Magma and Jaeki will have Irene’s Holy Donuts rockin’ into the dawn.

Backed by some of Tucson’s finest, Emilie Marchand sings jazz standards, ’60s soul and vintage country. In the courtyard at Mercado San Agustin.

The Arizona Symphonic Winds serenades in the night air. At Udall Park. Bring a blanket or lawn chair.

They topped the charts during the decade best known for Ally McBeal, Dolly the first cloned mammal, My So-Called Life and the public debut of the World Wide Web, The ’90s House Party, featuring Vanilla Ice, Rob Base, Tone Loc and Coolio, keeps “The Last Great Decade” alive. At the AVA Amphitheater.

A metalcore/deathcore extravaganza unfolds at The Rock. On the bill: Decayer, With Crows, Serpents Tongue and Endings.

Roman Catholics are not the only denomination razzed about tipping the chalice If you like your folk music straight with no chaser, nationally acclaimed folk singer-songwriter Don Armstrong & the Whiskeypaliens perform on the plaza at Hotel Congress.

From Chicago, EDM artists Autograf believe in leaving a mark on the world. At Gentle Ben’s. Lephan, Corbin, Lance Fairchild and Mental spin.

Texas post-hardore/noise rockers Exhalants trample the cross underfoot at Ward6.

Miss Olivia and the Interlopers perform in the tasting room at Sand-Reckoner.

Singer-songwriter Leila Lopez performs at Exo Roast Co. John Keeney plays an opening set.

Celebrating 22 years of swing mania, Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades detonate on the stage at Club Congress. The recently crowned winners of Battle for KFMADay, The Endless Pursuit, instigate the assault.

Soul Night: Hip hop, blues and soul are on the menu at Sky Bar. Shekinah, Chakara Blu and Just Najima will shine brightly.

Black Renaissance features performances by Seanloui, Street Blues Family and Black Caesar. At Hotel McCoy.

Sunday, May 26

One Big Rock Show, a benefit for 99.1 FM Downtown Radio, features performances by Sugar Stains, Miss Olivia and the Interlopers, Texas Trash and the Trainwrecks, Dos Hombres, Little House of Funk, Quarter Royale, and Irish punks Katie’s Randy Cat. At Saint Charles Tavern. Making an ever increasing number of public appearances, DJ Satan hosts.

“A wall is a wall.” These gritty Rhode Island punk rockers have received props in Rolling Stone and Spin. Downtown Boys bringing their caustic political commentary and dynamic musical edge to the Club Congress stage. Feverfew, mudpuppy and Shitknife lend a (perhaps slightly contaminated) hand.

From Washington, Long Sought Rest, Mud of Pud, Sauced Up and Sally Roundhouse perform punk, doom and poetry at Blacklidge Community Collective.

Vocal chamber ensemble Camerata Sonora perform traditional/sacred music from Scotland, England and America. At Sea of Glass-Center for The Arts.

In what is becoming an annual tradition, Loveland play in honor of Memorial Day. On the patio at Che’s Lounge.

The Tucson Pops Orchestra performs Music Under the Stars. At Demeester Outdoor Performance Center.

And, closing the Spring Concert Series, “The Sandman” Howe Gelb refracts the light under the stars. At Hotel Congress. Birds & Arrows and David Huckfelt share the stage.

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Soulful Sounds at Sky Bar

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Looking for a night of soul music? This upcoming Saturday, May 25, check out "Saturday Night Soul" at Sky Bar Tucson.

Starting at 9 p.m., enjoy the rhythmic sounds of local Tucson artists such as rapper Chakara Blu, and singers Shekinah and Just Najima. 

The show is 21 and up unless accompanied by a guardian up until 10 p.m. After 10 p.m., only 21 and up are permitted entrance. The show is free! 536 N 4th Ave. 

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XOXO: Where to Rock Thursday, May 23

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A technicolor musical experience awaits when Silver Cloud Express, United Snakes and Hey Bucko take to the stage at Sky Bar. Details here.

The Blues Review features Tom Walbank, Austin Counts and Christopher T. Stevens. At Tap + Bottle Downtown. Details here.

Guided by unseen voices, they are able to leap across the stage in a single bound. Piñata Protest, Pigmy Death-Ray and The Demons run amok. At the Surly Wench Pub. Details here.

Pigmy Death-Ray - COURTESY
  • Courtesy
  • Pigmy Death-Ray
Performing transcendental music of the world, Khalid el Boujami on oud/voice will join Balkan Spirit on the patio at Agustin Kitchen. Details here. 

Deeper: DJs Atom Energy and Lunarfox spin house at Passé. Details here.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

XOXO: Where to Rock Wednesday, May 22

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[THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELED! REFUNDS AVAILABLE FROM POINT OF PURCHASE] After two decades in the band, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden looks back: “When we first started there was this unconscious feeling. It’s like we were running our own race. I think we’ve been trying to find the doorway back for a long time.” Generation Rx, their seventh studio album, has helped these pop punk purveyors find their home. At the Rialto Theatre. Being As An Ocean opens the show. Details here.
  • Courtesy Club Congress
  • Ziemba
New York via El Paso, René Kladzyk is a performance artist, musician, perfumer and cultural geographer. Her nom de guerre: Ziemba. She performs infectiously fragrant synth-pop at Club Congress. Groove Domestic Product and The Gem Show lend their support. Details here.

They will drill holes in your cerebellum and eat your brain. NOISEM, Warmonger and Earacher induce pain at Wooden Tooth Records. Details here. 

Lav Andula and Asymptote’s Summer Seance Tour kickoffs at Blacklidge Community Collective, a new DIY venue/community space. Details here.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

XOXO: Where to Rock Tuesday, May 21

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  • Courtesy Photo
  • Hunter Hayes
On “Heartbreak” Hunter Hayes went through a break-up and now he wants to talk about it. “If you’ve gone through all the storms and the sky finally clears, what are you gonna do? Sit down and go, ‘Wow, I don’t want to do that again?’” Hayes adds, “No. You made it through, so celebrate!” At the Rialto Theatre. Rising country artist Levi Hummon opens. Details here.

Keb’ Mo’: This four-time Grammy winning blues musician’s show slated to play at the Fox Theatre has sold out.

Indie-rapper Ishmael Butler of Digable Planets spearheads a new project; Knife Knights make their debut on the Club Congress stage. Erstwhile Tucsonan Lando Chill rounds out the lineup. Details here.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

The Story In Pictures | L7

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In 1988, with the release of their self-titled debut, L7, these metal-edged punk badasses helped usher in the era of grunge. With a new album in tow, Scatter the Rats (Blackheart Records), 20 years in the making, L7 brought their “Proto Prototype” sludge to the Rialto Theatre on Mother’s Day, May 12.

“We’ve been doing this for 36 years,” announced bassist Jennifer Finch. “And we’re just getting started.” Lead singer/guitarist Donita Sparks added with a smirk, “Saucy grandmothers.”

Demure in stark contrast to the notorious incident at the 1992 Reading Festival, after a raucous crowd, frustrated over “technical difficulties” stalling the band’s set, began to lob mud onto the stage. In remonstration, Sparks countered by removing her tampon on-stage. Throwing it into the crowd, as she yelled, “Eat my used tampon, fuckers!” As the gods of rock sighed.

Albeit, older, these AARP eligible grandmothers are far from being stuck in a “Holding Pattern.” As evidenced on “Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago.” Full of piss and vinegar, this track imagines President Trump tweeting as his beloved country club falls under siege. “Making fun of your government is a tradition older than this country, and that’s what this track is about,” quips Sparks.

Adding to their inscription in the pantheon of rock, L7 unblushingly proclaimed, “I Came Back to Bitch.” And, “Burn Baby” they did.

Mexican garage-punks Le Butcherettes bloodied up the stage first.

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XOXO: Where to Rock Monday, May 20

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Depicting aspects of his childhood, while rebuking Trump Administration policies, the title track, “This Land,” takes a hard look at racism in America. Drawing inspiration from Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land, ” this Austinite comments, “It’s like the ‘Pledge of Allegiance.’ When you’re kids, everybody’s together. You don’t see differences until you get older. People influence you to think about other people a certain way. I just want to get back to singing that song like we were kids again.” Guitar slinger Gary Clark Jr. unleashes a Texas tornado of wickedness at the Rialto Theatre. The Peterson Brothers are in tow. Details here.

Five years of constant touring with Albert Collins and then 10 years with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers turned this Stratocaster-wielding guitarist into a fire-breathing monster. Eight solo albums later, Coco Montoya delivers the blues hardest truths at 191 Toole. Details here.
Coco Montoya - COURTESY
  • Courtesy
  • Coco Montoya

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