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Doing Bad Things with Seanloui

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Doing Bad Things with Seanloui (2)

It factor? Possessing a certain je ne sais quoi, on “Bad Things,” Seanloui’s latest joint, this French-American’s voice is suggestive of Usher, yet with a grit and cadence all his own. If his funky/scratchy guitar riffs could travel in time, they would bounce straight off C'est Chic (Atlantic Records, 1978). The R&B/Euro pop beats, airtight. And the production shines bright enough to make chart toppers adjust their Ray-Bans to stave off the glare. This dance track is simply wicked.

Music contributors Xavier Omar Otero and Ambur Wilkerson both chatted with Seanloui ahead of his upcoming show.

On Saturday, June 22, Seanloui will be gracing Thunder Canyon Brewery with "Bad Things Live."

Ambur asked:

Why did you name the show Bad Things Live?

It’s based off the new single that is dropping on June 21 called “Bad Things.”

Tell us about the new single? What's it about? What was the inspiration behind it?

The new single "Bad Things" is based on the French revolution of 1789. That all good revolutions start in the summer. It's a story on how that same type of revolution could begin in modern times.

Xavier asked:

What are you revolting against?

Not so much revolting. But I want to show that there is beauty in chaos.

Can music change the world or just enhance our journey through it?

I think music can enhance the journey...As the people who create it change the world.

How would you like to see the world change? Sorry. I ask hard questions sometimes…

[Laughing] No, not at all. I would like to see the world change through unity. That’s the only way we can make it change.

Back to Ambur:

Will you be playing any new music?

YES! We’ll be doing some new songs as well as some alternate versions of some favorites.

What is your favorite song to perform live and why?

I love the song "Human" cause it’s such a great song to jam with the band. Great amazing energy.

What do you want the audience to take with them after this show? How do you want them to feel?

I want them to feel the joy I had when creating the sounds. I want them to take away the thought that we are so much more better together than apart. In essence: Building Community.

Seanloui is fêting the release of his latest single “Bad Things” on Saturday, June 22, 9:30 p.m., at Thunder Canyon Brewstillery, 220 E Broadway Blvd. Phoenix’s alt-fusionists Method to the Madness add to the chaos. The show is free and 21+.

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