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Cuddly and Fuzzy or Slinky and Slithery... or Corn Fritter-y?

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While it is unclear who certifies the dates of these fun national holidays, we bring to you today a fascinating mix of things to celebrate:
Cuddly and Fuzzy or Slinky and Slithery... or Corn Fritter-y?

Today, July 16 is:

-World Snake Day
-Guinea Pig Appreciation Day
-National Corn Fritter Day

So, the question is, would the snake eat the guinea pig? And who would be left to eat the corn fritters?
Guinea Pigs, originally from Peru and the western coast of South America, belong to a family of rodents called Cavies. In the wild, Guinea Pigs live in herds, and that is the cutest thing you'll read all day.

Snakes, today's slithering second, also have some pretty interesting qualities. For example, snakes do not have eyelids, and they are found on every continent except Antarctica.

Are you a snake person or a guinea pig person? Which side of the pet store makes you say "aww"? Or are you the dad who just wants his kids to hurry up at the pet store so you can go to lunch? If so, then the third holiday of the day might be for you: National Corn Fritter Day.

Corn Fritters come in many varieties and have no definite origin. They are popular in the South , but also have varieties from Jamaica, Costa Rica and other corn-growing regions around the world. They are simple to make and require only a few ingredients that you might even have in your pantry already. Celebrate the day and make some for dinner! 

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