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Krab Legz Offer Album Split, Comic Drawn by Lana Rebel and More in Limited Edition Release

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Tucson's favorite nautically-themed concept band is back at it, but this time it isn't special screen printed tees or LPs celebrating the eventual crab uprising. This time Krab Legz, which is comprised of Dimitri Manos (Golden Boots, American Monoxide, Dr. Dog) and Ben Schneider (Katterwaul, Whoops, etc.), is serving up a limited edition "Crab Meat To Go Lunch-Bag."

What the hell is a "Crab Meat To Go Lunch-Bag?" you ask.

Well, for just twenty-count 'em-twenty dollars, you can snag yourself all of the following in celebration of National Crab Meat Day:

  • Side to Side Fantasy Cassette and Digital Download 
  • Krab Legz comic book drawn by Lana Rebel 
  • Krab Legz t-shirt designed by Ryen Eggleston
  • The new Claws Across America 7” lathe cut record featuring Krab Legz (from Tucson) and Crab Legs (from Fargo) 
According to Manos, the split release with fellow crab leggers came as a result of an initial conflict between the two bands:
After me and Ben named our band “Crab Legs” we found out via Facebook that there was another band from Fargo named Crab Legs… and they were pissed that we took the name with out checking first. Me and Ben figured no one was dumb enough to name their band Crab Legs… OR, if they did, to care if there were multiple bands called Crab Legs…. but we were wrong. We had many exchanges with the other Crab Legs, not always pleasant. Eventually we conceded to change our name to “Krab Legz” and after all the nastiness we also decided to extend the olive branch and do a split 7” together: Claws Across America… and now we are friends! 
This very crabby lunch-bag will be available only at Wooden Tooth Records and Old Paint Records on Wednesday, March 9. So get out there and get you one.

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