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Trump's Childcare Plan Is As Phony as the Rest of His Proposals

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One of the more unlikely campaign promises that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has made was all about helping families with the cost of childcare, which can be rival the cost of college tuition for some families.

I've written a lot over the years about the Arizona Legislature's failure to come through for working families when it comes to helping with childcare. (As of June 13, more than 7,500 kids were on the waiting list for childcare assistance.) It's a pretty simple issue at heart: If you want single moms to enter the workforce and pull themselves up by their bootstraps, you have to help with safe and reliable childcare because otherwise, they can't keep their jobs. And that's just at the low end of the economic spectrum; even working families that are doing well are facing big bills if both parents work and they want their kids to be in preschools that help them get a great start in life.

Democrats have been pushing to make universal pre-K a thing in recent years and Democrat Hillary Clinton has made it a key part of her platform. (Let's leave aside the challenge of getting such an expensive program through Congress for a moment.) 

But it was a bit of surprise when The Donald's daughter, Ivanka Trump, announced during the Republican National Convention that her dad was pushing for a federal program to address childcare concerns.

Trump announced his program this week and the reviews suggest that it (a) is geared mostly toward people who are at the upper end of the economic spectrum, (b) doesn't do all that much for new dads, and (c) has a funding mechanism that's (surprise!) unrealistic. (Slate has a pretty good roundup here.)

Now, amusingly, Cosmopolitan magazine interviewed Ivanka about the proposal and it didn't get well. Reporter Prachi Gupta asked a few reasonable questions, only to have Ivanka come unglued, snap a few times about the unfairness of Gupta's line of questioning and abruptly end the interview.

For more on Ivanka's bullshit media tour on her dad's phony plan, check out NY mag.

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