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Comment Archives: stories: News & Opinion: Medical MJ

Re: “Burned Out

...and then the cartels will get all the business, thousands will lose their jobs at dispensaries and 30 states will lose their canna-tax revenues. BTW---Colorado generated $10 million last year. Gee, Jeff, that's a really great idea.

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Posted by Greg Hale on 09/14/2017 at 6:52 AM

Re: “What Goes Around...

I have been banned for calling the ADA what it is. In this case money dominates.

Posted by Carpet baggers on 09/10/2017 at 9:14 PM

Re: “What Goes Around...

"Last year, 790 Arizonans died from opioid overdoses....The latest report says 35 percent of those had an opioid prescription within the past two months." So...65% did *not* have a recent legitimate prescription? That tells me that illicit opioids such as heroin and homemade or imported fentanyl used recreationally (as opposed to therapeutically) are playing a bigger part in opioid addiction in Arizona than prescription drugs.

What Insys did was sleazy, nasty, and wrong, and I support giving them whatever punishment they deserve. But I don't support creating a binary either/or choice between opioids and marijuana for pain patients. That's why I became an MMJ supporter in the first place. Firsthand experience with chronic pain is a big part of my life. No one single medication can be a panacea for every patient. For some patients, marijuana is the best option; for others, it's responsibly used opioids. I saw how major East Coast cities cracked down on prescription opioids and made it nearly impossible for pain patients to obtain a legitimate prescription, without any helpful effect in terms of lowering addiction rates--heroin users will just continue to use heroin. I don't want to see that happen in Arizona. Let's face it, the drug war just doesn't work that well. We tried a similar tack with alcohol nearly 100 years ago, and that didn't work either.

So treat Insys like any other scummy corporation with its hands in the pockets of local politics, by all means. But don't assume that one medication, whether MMJ or opioids, is "better" or "worse" than another, generally speaking. Patients need tailored, individualized care with all the options on the table.

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Posted by Ex-Arizonan on 09/07/2017 at 10:37 PM

Re: “What Goes Around...

This is appropriate.

However, their involvement in the anti-prop 205 effort was not the only reason it failed. Many people, myself included, voted no for one reason, and one reason only.

The writers of Prop 205 got greedy, by giving the current medical dispensaries and growers a semi-monopoly until 2021, and the regulatory framework was also not to my liking.

If they come back to the ballot with something more reasonable, I will vote for it.

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Posted by lc69hunter on 09/07/2017 at 8:02 AM

Re: “Treating Parkinson’s

I am a 77-year-old lady. My Parkinson's disease appeared at the age of 55. My symptoms at the beginning were fine tremors and rigidity with joint stiffness. I was taking Entacapone with Levodopa, Carbidopa, and Pramipexole. My Parkinson's disease is not under control. I lost touch with reality.I started on Health Herbal Clinic Parkinsons Disease Herbal formula treatment in September 2016, i read alot of positive reviews on their success rate treating Parkinsons disease through their PD Herbal formula and i immediately started on the treatment. Just 7 weeks into the Herbal formula treatment I had great improvements with speech and coordination, my hand tremors seized and the stiffed, rigid muscle had succumbed. I am unbelievably back on my feet again, this is a breakthrough for all Parkinsons sufferers, visit Health Herbal Clinic official website www. healthherbalclinic. net or email info@ healthherbalclinic. net.

Posted by Theresa Mahaffey on 09/06/2017 at 7:38 PM

Re: “Treating Parkinson’s

There is a breakthrough Parkinson(PD) precursor that i use in getting rid of my PD disease with great benefits. Not sure if I am allowed to share a link via this blog. Anyhow take a look at this if you are able to. If it resonates with you & if you would like more info, I'm happy to oblige,because i really know how much this online store helped my cure my Parkinson disease(PD)this natural product do cure you within few weeks ,actually never thought this would work until i give a try that is what i need from you patients suffering for PD you all really need this.

Posted by Mason Ava on 09/05/2017 at 7:56 PM

Re: “Huffed and Puffed

WTG Demitri! We need to see real regulation work for the people and the industry.

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Posted by Cannaradio on 09/02/2017 at 1:36 PM

Re: “Campus Clash

Attorney General is an elected office, guess who doesn't get my vote. In fact I'll hold my nose and vote the candidate most likely to defeat the incumbent.

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Posted by Lewis Mitchell on 08/18/2017 at 11:14 AM

Re: “Cannabis Court

s It is now popular voter registration. Since registration put' one on the jury rolls. Does ADHS/MMJ program share patient and purge them off the jury rolls?
What about it Nick I dont know of one patient that has sat on a Jury.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 07/28/2017 at 2:28 AM

Re: “Cannabis Court

Is this not the issue in it's whole ?

The abuse of civil laws brought on by Clinton.
Profiling citizens into categories by credit rating. Then allowing the insurance charge rates according credit rating.
Clinton deregulated Banks to allow them to buy and own Insurance companies. Say "AIG" Invest in venture development.
Clinton Tried to stop Government entitlements to people that tested positive.
Clinton did this civil seizure thing till the rental/trust business took off. In the mean time during the raiding of property and wealth swelled police/prosecution coffers.
Clinton's bank deregulation and allowable accounting practices, conglomeration of all financial to be intertwined caused the crash. Cowboy Bush come riding out of Texas didn't help, but neither did congress.

I have been listening to congress C-span only. We are back to policing for profit just like Clinton had outlined. The opioid explosion since Clinton released Doctors to prescribe OXY in 96 for pain. Now the powers at hand says Legalization can carry the burden for ABUSE COSTS AND POLICING FOR

So many here think this is the position to go. The ADA "Arizona Dispensary Association" seemly endorse this route. Now we have management/nefarious non-disclosed taking control.

What would be the position of supply to market. As well as patient to market. Simple just like methadone control the market raise the price hide principals in trusts.

This is why it is in so many interest to keep in schedule 1.

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Posted by Carpet baggers on 07/28/2017 at 1:30 AM

Re: “Cannabis Court

On the taxation side, there is an ongoing case in Northern California, with the plaintiffs taking the position it was not Congress's intent that IRC 280(e) apply to state legal businesses. Unofficially, there are many IRS employees hoping the plaintiffs win.

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Posted by lc69hunter on 07/27/2017 at 7:07 AM

Re: “Crop Circles

So if our aid interests foreign, out of state, or big market big business, Profits are managed by outside interests and the old stand by consulting fees.

So here is the question Whats the point if the dispensary is Veteran, minority, disabled ,woman owned? If they dont control the business profits or management.

What is happening here is these unwitting are being duped. This is quite simple if a person entity controls that is given on a limited lottery basis.

Then the license should go up for reissue on a lottery basis as it did originally. The only thing to be sold is the physical assets not the license. As well as no dispensary can represent no more than 2% of the licenses issued in business license form or as trustees in any other dispensary.

Just another issue for the legislature to address is the non disclosure of nonprofits.

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Posted by Carpet baggers on 07/20/2017 at 3:39 PM

Re: “Breaking the Bank

Crypto Gaming over Renewable energy is better than your local bank

Posted by Mcnasty Steinworth on 07/15/2017 at 6:41 AM

Re: “Mile-high bud

How do I get some

Posted by rosek3 on 07/13/2017 at 11:11 AM

Re: “Double Drought

Interesting paradox on the continuing to the perils of schedule one and limiting interstate trade. ( CALL YOUR CONGRESS PERSON COMPLAIN) Washington has allowed for state to state trade have an abundant supply.

A curious thought how well does a stoner do at slots/craps/cards as apposed to a inebriated player ? I wonder if they pass out vap pens for players ?

Can grandma or the Asian do as well with infused brownies. I bet the buffet lines would be packed no longer free need for increase in size.

Ouch the porno industry would feel a huge impact. the male drunk bravado stiffened a little. Going from yea baby I want some of that, to come on sweetheart sit down and chill, awhile take a toke let's see if there's a vibe.

Will Casinos have a no use employment policy? Dealers and pit crew need to be tested ? I can just see the Blackjack dealer slowing down like that will happen. I love craps have done well and real bad too. Play to step up to the able side or rolling dont thinks so. I would rather stay in chill with the babes wine and cheese.

Now that I am thinking of it no pot why go to Vegas ? Yea think there is residual unestimated intended market shifts with legalization. Who is now in competition marketed compulsive behavior of Vegas. Gaming Entertainment Marriage, Indulgence markets are all down. Seems like as America is turning to self medication and the chaff are suffering from it.

So this is the culmination of MPP's success in Nevada. A huge " TO BE DETERMINED" (TBD). So now they have a existing state liquor board doing the administration of the market. Like all the other states that have legalized. First quarter sales and estimate projections transient population from gaming hard to estimate. Lets see how this plays out. It will be a lot better than having a state department with it's own court, unregulated police force with no warrant authority. Like Arizona's Orwellian prop 205 approach.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 07/13/2017 at 9:31 AM

Re: “Breaking the Bank

For all of the one world order tye dyed, hair farming, Birkenstock wearing, face pierced body illustrated community that so many embrace here. As well as taking the position that they represent the LBGT community with progressive ideals of a utopia and nirvana.

Grow a layer of skin for gods sake. Trump is in the drives set trying to take him out is ridiculous as is much of your positions. We have a common ground to give all some freedoms. We have a collective force to allow Marijuana into our culture that has been here since time. It is called a constitutional amendment.

McSally is venerable needs support her base is to narrow.Her understanding impact in congress is important look at her committees and ongoing work in committee assignments is impressive. ASK FOR ENDORSEMENT OF AN AMENDMENT TO REPEAL SCHEDULE 1

Ask Raul but he always has his hand out to siphon that is why he would not support off schedule 1 no room to siphon.

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Posted by Carpet baggers on 07/06/2017 at 10:13 AM

Re: “Breaking the Bank

Very well written explanation of the prejudices and exploitation to self determination. Thanks, Nick Meyers;

I see where the federal government is allowing those with quantified medical need benefits to continue and embrace.

I recently witnessed a elderly person just reaching 62 by necessity of hard labor for over 40 years paid into SS all those years. The SS office gave retirement but ask him to apply for Disability. When the review of medical records and a interview it was awarded within months. This is what the program was for in the first place.

This is the issue when apply for disability was revealed as compounded Cannabis use primarily for spastic nerve response from injuries as well as pain associated with quick muscle jerks.

So with keeping the cannabis on the schedule 1 this person live in a limbo! A total fear now that disability can be cut off with just a quick administrative pen. Carrying cash in a electronic transfer world.

This citizen that has contributed for over 40 years to the community has no legal redress for wrongs. The supreme court of AZ ruled that that the Cannabis is on the federal schedule 1 list you can not be personally legally counseled on how to obtain cannabis. So am I to understand that a business can get counsel on what the court ruled illegal?

So now this citizen as thousands in just Tucson alone are left without the federal protections promised to every citizen.
1- ability to redress issues in a court
2-safe reliable product controls by the FDA
3- protection of seizure of property stop benefits is that
4-safe reliable electronics transfers
5-ability to register regiments treatments therapies
6- lock out of interstate commerce
7-protects that medications & therapies that have been proven are solid and cant be just quickly changed in a closed committee we need an constitutional amendment correcting wrongs. like the 21'st did of the prohibition we need security. The beast has grown bigger than the problem. The DEA has implemented the Volstead in parts this agency need to be blended into HLS it is rouge it is dark it is wrong in so many way the rights dont equal.

Give these seniors and all other security so not to live in fear is that not the first order of government ?

Incidentally the 6.5 billion industry is a cash influx through residual vessel that are tax collected is close to triple.

And my bet is Ducey is holding out on legalization to have a heavy burden to pay the retirement of police and fire which is in BAD shape. And one big apple is the agricultural licensing of hemp with heavy license and administrative fees paid into an account of labor for past wrongs. Just think off schedule 1 all this to leverage goes away for so many to siphon off the flow.

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Posted by Carpet Baggers on 07/06/2017 at 9:55 AM

Re: “Campus Criminals

All drug laws are racist in origin and in execution, why don't the pigs in power recognize this? Follow the greed and the inherent bigotry. No one has the right to tell you how to live your life. Either we're a free people or slaves to the Nazis in power.

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Posted by Jon connor on 07/02/2017 at 7:50 AM

Re: “Reefer Round-Up

Medical Marijuana has been life changing for so many and has potential for helping many more control symptoms of several conditions where other drugs did little to help or have a risk of addiction. Until 6 months ago I never used it, however I always felt it was something that could help a lot of people and so have voted in favor of it. After years of different medications that did very little to help me I tried it 6 months ago for severe anxiety and pain. I finally felt relief with no side effects. I wish I could afford to use it rather than prescriptions that have side effects I have a hard time with.

I knew a few people that smoked pot at 18, 20 yrs old. 30 years later they continue to lead very productive lives and still smoke a little to unwind.

People will continue to use it. I would rather money go to our country and not drug cartels.

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Posted by sleepstate on 07/01/2017 at 7:25 AM

Re: “Campus Criminals

Medical Marijuana has been life changing for so many and arresting someone in a case such as this is absurd!

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Posted by sleepstate on 07/01/2017 at 7:04 AM

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