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The Groove Gets a Morning Show Next Week

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Matt Condie, known in many local radio circles as “Rascal,” is the new morning show host at KTGV 106.3 FM. In the process, he becomes the station’s first on-air talent for the so-called “old-school” music format, which is more or less an R&B hits station. Think heavy (really heavy) doses of Michael Jackson mixed with Prince, Whitney Houston and Earth, Wind and Fire.

“It’s already an established brand, so it’s a format we don’t have to change,” Condie said. “The format has held its own jockless, but at this point (management) wants to work on building a big station. It’s a perfect opportunity to grow the brand of the station.”

Condie is best known in this market for morning show stints on what is now Clear Channel owned modern hip-hop format KOHT 98.3 FM and the old Power 97.5. Condie hopes that original audience will make the transition with him to “The Groove.”

“It’s the same music and the same crowd who liked that music. It’s just growing up with them now,” Condie said. “The state of modern hip hop and pop is garbage, but this is classic. This is where hip hop and pop came from, and this is what we grew up listening to. I still have the best of the Gap Band, the Earth, Wind and Fire box set. It’s when music was fun.”

The “Rascal on the Radio” morning show debuts Nov. 10.

“They’ve been looking and looking for a fit at the station,” said Condie. “I’m Program Director/Music Director/Morning guy. My philosophy is this: it’s my belief to compete music wise in this world of iPods and downloads and satellite radio, it has to be smash hit, smash hit, smash hit, and uber-local. We all live here. This is the coolest place in the country because it’s subtlely influenced by hispanic culture, but it’s not overt. Everyone in this area loves funk music. That’s what our musical taste was when we grew up. (Management is) looking for someone to focus in on the station. It’s served its purpose as sort of a united front, and now they want to niche out and make The Groove its own entity. I know the music, and I love the idea they said they want to make this station something.”

Condie’s addition makes him the sixth locally produced music-based morning show in the market. It also marks the first time in many years a music-based radio station without a local morning presence added on-air talent to its roster.

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