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Best Place To Astonish Guests
Best Annual Festival
Best Place To Hear A Bad Version Of "Friend Of The Devil"
Best Unusual Place To People-Watch
Best Escape In A Day
Best Small Park/Plaza
Best Concrete Place For A Religious Experience
Best Religious Refuge From The Urban War Zone
Best Place To Soak Up Urban Ambiance
Best Original Script (Panhandler Division)
Best Post Office
Best Train
Best Place To Get Married
Best Wedding Gift Request
Best Place To Have An Affair
Best Sights On The Drive From Tucson To Phoenix
Best Political Happening
Best Mayor
Best Local Politician
Best State Legislator
Best Moment In The Arizona Legislature
Best Leftist
Best Buck-Passing, Blame-Placing, Etc
Best Fife In Training
Best Impression Of A Door Stop In The Arizona House
Best Impression Of A Door Stop In The Arizona Senate
Best Garbage Mouth
Best Attempt At Representation By A Minority Legislator From A Disenfranchised Section Of The State
Best Economic News
Best Idea For A New Superhero Team
Best Education News
Best Irony--Or Is It Irony?
Best Local Punchline
Best Local Athlete
Best Sports Team
Best Local Joke
Best Failure To Fool The Public
Best Local TV Newscast
Best Local TV Guy With A Sense Of Humor (& Toupee)
Best Newscaster Who Spreads Sunshine
Best Underdog TV-Weather Reporter
Best Radio Station For News
Best Radio Station For Music
Best Radio Station Tribute
Best Local DJ
Best Morning DJs
Best Juke Box
Best Public Restrooms
Best Graffiti In A Restroom
Best Local Urban Legend
Best Billboard
Best Environmental News

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