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READERS' PICK: Ya' gotta' hand it to a place nervy enough to put cranberries in its turkey sandwich, just like you used to do on that pig-out Thanksgiving weekend home from college. At Baggins, a sandwich is an adventure as well as a meal. Another favorite is the Anasazi Chicken, with seasoned chicken on sourdough, along with provolone cheese and green chilis. We had an Anasazi Chicken once, but it just suddenly disappeared, like in that Louis L'Amour novel. Speaking of Louis L'Amour, did you know that when he was about 45, he was engaged to 20-year-old Julie Newmar? Oops, sorry. Our minds were wandering. Low blood sugar. Need a sandwich. Heading over to Baggins. Julie Newmar.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Bison Witches Bar and Deli, 326 N. Fourth Ave. Definitely not a chain, Bison Witches is almost playful in its creativity and service. But the sandwiches are deadly serious about satisfying hunger and piquing the interest of bored taste buds. A wonderful selection of combinations of beef, chicken and turkey, as well as veggie, tuna and even a pbj, all served on fresh-baked bread, await the hungry.

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