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Time Market

OF MYTHIC PROPORTIONS: Situated on the main drag of the West University neighborhood, Time Market is timeless. This square structure is flanked by patios on the north and west sides. It has wood floors and high ceilings with fans; it's swamp cooled and stocked with beer, wine, candy and groceries. Besides these amenities, Time Market also hosts fabulous pizzas and notable sandwiches. Time's sandwiches are a microcosm of world flavors; one of our favorite tastebud trips is to the Mediterranean with the Grecian Erika sandwich. This classic features hummus--with perfect consistency and a tasty amount of garlic--complemented by a combination of red onions, juicy tomatoes, feta cheese and romaine lettuce, drizzled with Aegean dressing, topped and bottomed by 12-grain bread. Each half alone is a two-handed project that ends with fingers and chin dripping dressing. Yum! The Grecian Erika is but one of Time's 11 "Special Creations"; seven are for carnivores, the others suitable for vegetarians. If you choose to make your own sandwich, the possibilities are endless.