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Best Sandwich

Beyond Bread

There's many a fine sandwich to be had around town, but Beyond Bread is in a category all its own. First, BB has the Bread. They make it there. It's their original product, and all 35 kinds, at last count, are extremely good. Second, the size of the sandwiches is just silly--if you can eat a whole one with a side, you are either very hungry or a teenager. Third, the place is beyond lovable: It's a locally owned success story; they always have free samples (with a crock of butter); they offer you a glass for water when it's hot. There are even little tooth symbols on the menu next to sandwiches that are hard to chew. They are so darn nice. But the question remains: Which is the best sandwich? There are 24 cold varieties, not including the kids' selections and the Plain Jane (meat plus regular stuff on white) and 13 hot sandwiches ranging from classic to inventive. We're staying out of this one.

Runners up:

2. Bison Witches Bar and Deli, 326 N. Fourth Ave., 740-1541
3. Baggin's, Various locations