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Best Salsa


Salsa is reportedly the No. 1 condiment in America, and after tasting it at Rosa's, you'll know why. It is a perfect introduction to the entree items, and can also be bought in pints to take home. But just like a trapeze flyer needs someone to catch them, salsa needs chips on which to be dipped. The crisp and deliciously warm chips at Rosa's are served promptly and have just the right amount of salt. The salsa itself is spicy and flavorful, colorful and tangy, and provided in large quantity. It warms up the mouth just right, and the only danger the diner has is he'll just want to keep eating it.

Runners up:

2. El Charro, 6310 E. Broadway Blvd., 311 N. Court Ave.

3. La Parrilla Suiza, 2720 N. Oracle Road, 5602 E. Speedway Blvd., 4250 W. Ina Road