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Best Salsa

Guadalajara Grill

Have you ever tried the salsa at a restaurant and wished you could spice it up (or down) to fit your own taste buds? Well, that's just the kind of signature service you'll get at Guadalajara Grill. Their salsa is a favorite, because it offers a wide selection of fresh ingredients as if they were picked straight from the gardens of Mexico. Instead of bringing out boring, ready-made salsa, the folks at Guadalajara Grill bring the ingredients to each individual table and customize it to your satisfaction. If you haven't made it in to try their salsa, hurry up and check out their new location.

Runners up:

2. Rosa's Mexican Food, 1750 E. Fort Lowell Road, 325-0362

3. Café Poca Cosa, 110 E. Pennington St., 622-6400,