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Rosa's Mexican Food

Brimming bowls of sparkling red salsa and fresh chips awaited us during a recent trip to Rosa's. "The chips are still warm, and the salsa is tangy," immediately exclaimed our out-of-town companions. "They must be homemade!" Our server confirmed that guess, also informing us that both could be purchased as take-home items. He kept bringing more and more of the delicious combo as we kept scarfing them down. Finally, after consuming three bowls of crisp chips and spicy salsa along with our dinners, we had a fourth bowl for dessert and called it a meal. "They sure don't make salsa that good in Duluth," our friends proclaimed as we rode off into the night.

Runners up:

2. Guadalajara Grill, 1730 E. Prince Road, 323-1022
3. Café Poca Cosa, 88 E. Broadway Blvd., 622-6400

Thanks-for-sharing vote: "Can't have it: IBS"

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