Best Of Tucson®

Best House Blend

Raging Sage

The caffeinated masses have spoken, and Raging Sage's signature house blend reigns supreme. A heady combination of tartness and body, this even and flavorful coffee provides a perfect boost at any time of the day. What's the secret to Tucson's favorite cup of coffee? It is Raging Sage's roasting process, which controls the temperature within .01 degree of accuracy while levitating the beans on a fountain of air so the heat evenly penetrates all the way to the center. Add an impeccable attention to detail, a whole lot of expertise and a serious commitment to freshness, and you've got a killer cup of Joe.

Runners up:

2. Caffe Luce

943 E. University Blvd., No. 191


4205 N. Campbell Ave., No. 125


3. Starbucks

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