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READERS' PICK: You say it's your birthday? You won't cry at your party if Nadine's supplies the cake. Fresh, and made with quality ingredients, Nadine's cakes are the perfect way to celebrate a gold record or another Grammy. Nadine's can put a picture of you or your favorite band, or even write the lyrics to your favorite song, right on the cake. They'll make it big or small, round, square or rectangular, sweet or sweeter, even kosher if you want. Have your cake, then "Eat It" too.

B-SIDE: La Baguette Bakery, 1797 E. Prince Road. The last time we participated in a cakewalk was 25 years ago at Spring Fling. We did not win a cake. The better choice for a cakewalk today is watching the cakes revolving in the glass case at La Baguette Bakery. You choose whichever one you want and take it home. These are not wonderful old-fashioned American cakes. These are fancy French cakes. Chocolate ganache and mousses replace buttercream frostings. The Kennedy cake is filled with both raspberry and chocolate mousse. The opera cake secretes chocolate mousse and is covered in shiny chocolate ganache. "Opera" is thoughtfully written on top. There is even a hard-to-find charlotte russe waltzing around. Whichever you choose, you'll be the winner.

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