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Best Custom Cakes

Nadine's Pastry Shoppe

"Time After Time," for that special occasion, Nadine's comes through. Be it for an anniversary, graduation, wake, first communion, winning lottery ticket, bris, wedding, lucrative court settlement, near-death experience or birthday, Nadine's can bake and decorate a truly unique cake. These are artists who happen to work with flour, milk, sugar, eggs and butter. They can transfer photos, logos and any other image of your choice to the icing of your favorite cake. Added plus: All products are kosher. The store also offers pies and other baked goods, and a daily selection of handmade fudges that are to die for. For last-minute emergencies, they usually have some cakes in the cooler, ready to go, as well as a selection of cards.

Runners up:

2. Maribelle Cakery

2930 N. Swan Road, No. 126


3. Marco's Patisserie

3308 E. Grant Road