Best Of Tucson®

Best Custom Cakes

Ilsa's Konditorei and Bakery

Custom cakes are special cakes. They must be made with the best possible ingredients, designed for important events and presented with a practical usefulness. Ilsa delivers the goods and the service. She puts cut lines in the icing so each guest is assured of a slice. Her cakes have a complexity of flavors. Eating the popular Princess Cake is like watching clowns come out of the little car. First out is the white cake, then the raspberry cream filling, next the vanilla custard, then out pops kirschwasser vanilla cream, and finally the marzipan. We like the elegant flower adorned cakes for weddings. For anniversaries, what could be more fun than the love notes cake with all your sweet nothings carefully written on the icing?

Runners up:

2. Maribelle Cakery, 3308 E. Grant Road

3. Nadine's Pastry Shoppe, 4553 E. Broadway Blvd.