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Diamonds may be forever, but they're also damn expensive. So it's best to buy them from someone who's not going to rip you off—and Rainbow Jewelers wouldn't dream of such a thing. How do we know? Well, first of all, they wouldn't be profiled here if Tucsonans didn't love them, which proves the truth of the owners' claim that "reputation means everything." Second, when you buy a diamond from Rainbow, you'll interact directly with the owners, who'll try their best to make you nearly as diamond-savvy as they are. Third, many of Rainbow's diamonds come with certificates of quality from the Gemalogical Institute of America or European Gemological Laboratory USA. Gemtastic!

Runners up:

2. TIE

Stewart Kuper Diamond Jewelers

5762 E. Broadway Blvd.


Tiffany and Co.

2905 E. Skyline Drive, No. 243


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