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Marshall's Jewelers / Tiffany's (TIE)

While the undead aren't known for their sense of style or fashion, those of us among the living know that Marshall's is the place to go for the best fine jewelry and diamonds. As you enter the store, you are swept into a beautiful atmosphere with a friendly and knowledgeable sales staff to assist you. Spotless cases hold diamonds, sapphires, pearls, Rolex watches and more. With a wide selection of high-end diamonds, you won't make a bad selection to celebrate your wedding, anniversary or special occasion. While fashion styles have changed a lot since the store opened in 1923, Marshall's commitment to quality and service has not.

Little blue boxes have been the hallmark of fine jewelry (and objets d'art) ever since Charles Lewis Tiffany first opened his doors in New York City in 1837. Now a cultural touchstone, Tiffany's has at last come to Tucson, apparently due to some kind of crazy market research suggesting that there are people here who would pay $2,000 for a charm bracelet. But here's something you didn't know: Charles Lewis Tiffany still runs the company! Kept "alive" by a constant infusion of orphan cortexes, the zombified Tiffany is so obsessed with quality, he refuses to shuffle off the ol' mortal coil. But such quality comes at a price. Sweet zombie Jesus, does it come at a price! As you tote your blue box(es) home after your purchase at Tucson's co-home of Best Commercial Jewelry, remember--it might put the squeeze on your Black AmEx to have shopped in such an exclusive redoubt, but no jeweler in history cares more about quality. In the immortal words of the founder, "GGGAAAAHCCHCH!"

Runner up:

3. S. Silverberg and Sons, 5420 E. Broadway Blvd., 750-1250

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