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S. Silverberg and Sons

Just suppose you want to get that "special someone" a gift. Not just any gift though--a gift they'll remember forever. What a better token than a present of jewelry, you think. But where to go? A chain jewelry store? A pawn shop? None of these options appeal to you. Then you remember a friend mentioning what a great jewelry store Silverberg and Sons is--with fantastic service, a friendly staff and most of all, gorgeous high-end jewelry. Beautiful diamond creations set in 14-karat gold and platinum are the main attraction, but there are also lovely estate pieces, too. You then decide if diamonds are forever, yours will come from Silverberg and Sons.

Runners up:

2. Marshall's Jewelers, 7113 N. Oracle Road, 742-3762; 4755 E. Grant Road, 325-9955
3. McGuire's Jewelers, 230 E. Wetmore Road, 622-7532

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Wal-Mart, one vote

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