Best Of Tucson®

Best Book by a Local Author

Small Wonder

As a repeat performance from last year (it was released in paperback since the last Best of Tucson), Small Wonder triumphs again as a local favorite. Kingsolver works the wire with beautiful language and a strong voice in her collection of essays. Many of the pieces were written in response to the events of Sept. 11, but there are also pieces on varied subjects such as motherhood, gardening, literature and forgiveness. Circus animals might even appreciate "Setting Free the Crabs," an essay that illustrates our need to give up our "hunger to possess all things bright and beautiful." You'll read about Kingsolver's cabin in Appalachia, her home in Tucson and even what she ate on a trip to Japan. As a gifted storyteller, Kingsolver thrills her audience even after the lights are dimmed.

Runner up:

Down by the River, Chuck Bowden