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Best Book by a Local Author

Sleeping With Schubert, Bonnie Marson

Sleeping With Schubert is a possession story. It's not exactly that kind of possession or that kind of sleeping. It's more of a transcentury collaboration. Liza, the heroine, is a Brooklyn attorney who is musically possessed by none other than the composer and pianist Franz Schubert. The fun starts when she is shopping at Nordstrom's and sits down at their famous piano and starts to play. She comes home with more than a pair of shoes. The girl can now really tinkle the old ivories. Liza has the usual New York issues of glorious hair, friends and a Juilliard piano teacher. Schubert has his issue, which is his symphony that he failed to finish prior to popping off. Will she do it for him? Check it out, Jack.