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The End-Of-Days Exit Interview: Erin Bradley

Old is the new new. With everyone turning "green," and the economy requiring that we all, well, economize, our fashion aesthetic has gone retro-combo-chic. How else to explain why the highly astute, trend-conscious readers the of Tucson Weekly voted a secondhand clothing store, Buffalo Exchange, as their choice for Best Clothing Fashions? Perhaps new, trendy clothing is just too risky (or one-percenty?) for these times. Should you be lucky enough to sell your own boring (to you) old things at Buffalo Exchange, you might score something wonderful with your store credit. But have you considered recycling your former favorites into something new and fabulous? Erin Bradley of Preen has been re-imagining castaways since before that came into fashion. She now has a full schedule of regular clients seeking her sewing innovations and discreet alterations that can keep a wardrobe alive through thick and thin. However, Bradley is not looking forward to the end of the world. After several dreamy weeks on a cross-country trip, she is back in town and falling in love with Tucson all over again.

A meteor is going to hit the planet tomorrow. Where in Tucson would you go for your final meal?

I would have Sandra at Little Poca Cosa fix me whatever she wanted to. I love that atmosphere; I love Sandra; and I love anything she puts in front of me. I love it all, even down to the juices.

Our new robot overlords want to ban alcohol. Where would you want to have your final drink?

Maria Rogers at Che's Lounge would make me a dirty martini.

Global warming has increased outside temps to 130 degrees in the summer. Where do you go to cool off?

I would sneak into the pool at the Arizona Inn.

Aliens have landed in your backyard and say: "Take us to your leader." Where in Tucson would you send them?

My first thought was San Xavier Mission. (This is followed by a moment of reflection.)

The mole people are invading the surface world through a tunnel that opens in your backyard. What local business would you turn to for help?

I would probably call Tana Kelch (owner of the former arts and gifts emporium Bohemia) for any kind of business needs. I trust her opinion over anybody else's opinion.

If a zombie apocalypse were to happen in Tucson, what shopping center would you like to hole up in?

I never leave downtown, but I would probably go up to La Encantada and hang out at AJ's, looking at fabulous food. I might start eating the truffles.

What Tucson band or musician would you want to write the soundtrack to the end of the world as we know it?

Probably Howe Gelb. I feel like he's already touched that before. He's at home with chaos.

If you had only one sunset left in Tucson, from where would you watch it?

I would enjoy it in the backyard of my home in Barrio Viejo with my chickens.