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Best Way to Show Your Kids Where Eggs Come From

Food Conspiracy's Co-op's Chicken Coop Tour

The Food Conspiracy Co-op's Annual Chicken Coop Tour is the best local activity to show young ones where eggs come from, but beware: You may return home inspired to build your own coop, or may be forced into it by your wee ones, who will announce that chickens are the coolest animals on the planet. The self-guided tour is only $5, and what's also cool is that every year, the funds raised go to a local nonprofit. In the end, you've helped your community, brightened your kids' world and seen some of the most interesting chicken coops and chickens in town. There are some people obsessed with backyard chickens in Tucson, and the Food Conspiracy tradition is only helping that obsession grow. Baaaak-baak-baaak-bak.