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The Casbah Tea House

628 1/2 N. Fourth Ave.

READERS' PICK: You'll notice right away that the Casbah Tea House is not your typical café. It holds a rare place in Tucson as a tea sanctuary, a place where traditionally soothing tea leaves prevail over their coffee bean rivals. As a result, Casbah offers a more relaxed environment than the average café. Casbah's outside patio is breathtaking at first glance -- ideal for sitting back and sipping a cup of chai from the perch of an overstuffed pillow. Its plush cushions and tapestries, coupled with ornate brass tables engraved with Arabic characters, are the perfect place to share a pot of your most inspired brew. And as the aroma of exotic herbs infuses your senses, you'll have the satisfaction of taking part in an ancient ritual. Casbah may well be the best choice this side of the Ganges. (Also see Best Vegan Selections, page 75.)

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Coffee Etc., 2830 N. Campbell Ave.; 6091 N. Oracle Road (see Best Coffee, page 75).

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