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Best Place to Find a Statue of Saint Death

Yerberia San Judas

And you thought the chupacabra was a badass. A bloodthirsty flying goatsucker is nothing compared to the latest folklore craze from south of the border--Santa Muerte, or Saint Death. This cult of death features a skeletal figure that looks an awful lot like the Grim Reaper, and no home altar is complete without your very own Santa Muerte statuette. Pick one up at the Yerberia San Judas, where they specialize in herbal remedies for poor nutrition, bad circulation, constipation, rheumatism and gout, among other maladies. They also have a wide selection of religious items and much more. For an extra $30, you can even pick up a handsome bust of Jesús Malverde, the patron saint of the drug world.

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