Best Hike

Sabino Canyon (general)

With hiking trails like the mountain-goat-steep paths of the Phone Line Trail and the StairMaster-esque climb up to Blackett's Ridge, it's no wonder Sabino Canyon has been voted Best Hike for more than 10 years. Paths to Mount Lemmon, Seven Falls and Cathedral Rock all see their start at the Visitors' Center. Besides the tough stuff, there are plenty of miles of asphalt to accommodate open-air shuttles or bikes, if walking isn't your thing. Green trees, running water and the occasional cool breeze make this a popular (and cheap!) getaway. Head out to the canyon on any weekend morning, and you'll see a cross-section of Tucson spending a day outdoors.

Runners up:

2. Seven Falls

3. Catalina State Park/Romero Pools