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Haggard, Merle - 1996
Haggard, Merle - The Lonesome Fugitive
Hall, Michael - Day
Harris, Emmylou - Wrecking Ball
Harvey, Pj - To Bring You My Love
Hawkins, Coleman - A Retrospective: 1929-1963
Heavenly Music Corporation - Consciousness III
Helldriver - TAMMIES '95
Hhead - Jerk
Hendricks, Jon - Boppin' At The Blue Note
Hendrix, Jimi - Band Of Gypsys
Hendrix, Jimi - Article
Hiatt, John - Walk On
Hinojosa, Tish - Article
Hoekstra, Doug - Rickety Stairs
Hillman, Chris and Herb Pedersen - Bakersfield Bound
Holmes, David - Gone EP
Hoodoo Kings - One Foot In The Groove
Hooked On Chronics - TAMMIES '95
Hopkins, Rich and The Luminarios - Dumpster Of Love
Hot Desert Love Toads - TAMMIES '95

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