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Babes In Toyland - Nemesisters
Band, The - Article
Barajas, Ismael Latin Jazz Band - TAMMIES '95
Barron, Kenny - Live at Maybeck Recital Hall
Bauza, Mario & The Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra - 944 Columbus
Beat Angels - Unhappy Hour
Beat Farmers - Article
Beatles, The - Anthology Volume 2
Beatles, The - Live On The BBC
Belly - King
Betty Stress - TAMMIES '95
Beyond Seven - Artist Profile
Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Strategem
Bisbee's Downtown Saturday Night - Article
Black, Frank - The Cult Of Ray
Blackmoon Graffiti - Echoes Of My Tribe
Blackmoon Graffiti - TAMMIES '95
Blind Melon - Soup
Block, Rory - When A Woman Gets The Blues
Blue Lizards, The - TAMMIES '95
BoDeans - Joe Dirt Car
Bomp Records - Article
Bonepony - Stomp Revival
Born & Bred - TAMMIES '95
Brazilian Music - Article
Brecker Brothers - Out of the Loop
Browne, Jackson - Article
Brown, James - James Brown's Funky Christmas
Brown, Jeri / Jimmy Rowles
Brubeck, Dave - Just You, Just Me
Bryars, Gaving - The Sinking Of The Titanic
Bryson, Jeanie - Tonight I Need You So
Buckley, Jeff - Last Goodbye EP
Buffalo Tom - Sleepy Eyed
Burch, Sharon - Touch The Sweet Earth
Burnside, R.L. - Too Bad Jim
Butthole Surfers - Electric Larryland
Butthole Surfers - The Hole Truth
Buzzcocks - French

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