July 13 - July 19, 1995

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One Foot In The Groove
3 Stars
A SWEET TANGLE of roots makes Phoenix's Kings a groove worth hearing--Chicago blues, lean '50s rock and roll, New Orleans rhythm and blues, '60s soul and big band arrangements combine with silky modern blues in this quartet.

Tucson guitarist and vocalist Mike Hebert penned eight new songs for the album, including the whiplashing "Long Way Home" and the bad boy punch of "I Walk Alone."

Vocalist Dave Trippy's pleasant growl rides over the locked down rhythms of drummer Brian Fahey and string bassist Paul Thomas. They rock and soothe the patrons of the Chicago Bar this Friday and Saturday nights.
--Michael Metzger


Music From A Sparkling Planet
Bar/None Records
4 Stars
THE LATEST BAROMETER of "hipness" is the martini-lounge fad, embracing the pre-1964 "easy listening" and exotic kitsch music genre. Juan Garcia Esquivel was at the forefront of the cocktail scene in the late '50s and almost single-handedly sparked this revival with 1994's Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music re-issue. This sequel mines more of his schmaltzy easy-cheese, full of honking harmonicas, maracas--shaken, not stirred--and sweet velvety "oohing" chick vocals. I won't give into the usual cynical appreciation of this genre--I like it because the music has real qualit, and is a vibrant (and bizarre) reflection of a time before everyone realized that the world stinks.
--Timothy Gassen


Mirror Ball
Reprise Records
2 Stars
SOME FANS CONTEND that Young hit his apex in 1967 with The Buffalo Springfield, or maybe with his 1972 solo smash Harvest LP, o-- gasp--with those ubiquitous Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young super hippies. The 50-year-old artist also has a plethora of other solo releases and LPs with his band Crazy Horse--and 38 albums later he gives us Mirror Ball. These 11 tracks add more distorted over-amped guitar and twangey warbled vocals to Young's massive catalog, and will anyone be surprised to hear that there's nothing really new among the lot? It doesn't matter--he was inducted earlier this year into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
--Timothy Gassen

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July 13 - July 19, 1995

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