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Touch The Sweet Earth
Canyon Records

A FULL, CARESSING voice and the soft musicality of the Navajo tongue give Burch a strong foundation for the 12 delicate songs (including one Kate Wolf cover) comprising this album. Arrangements are uncluttered and simple, but rich in effect--an easy blend of Burch's guitar with William Eaton's lush harp guitar, accompanied by percussion, violin and cello. There's a soothing, reassuring feel to this record, which Burch made in part as a response to the death of two close loved ones. She gently reiterates Dine values in the songs "Sacred Wind," "Hoogan" and "Corn Song." Here, the sweet victory of keeping a native language alive finds a perfect companion in the healing grace of music.

--Jessie Piper


Sins Of Our Fathers
Doctor Dream Records

AT TURNS SEARING and laugh-out-loud funny, this harrowing album by former Wall of Voodoo singer Prieboy rocks with a purifying sense of rage. Prieboy, a close confederate of Concrete Blonde's, shares a dark lyrical vision with them, while serving up tales of heartbreak, obsession and madness. Several of the songs chronicle the particularly nasty demise of a killing relationship. Anyone who has ever loved a loser, been stalked by a follower, or had to try to make sense of a drug addict or alcoholic will find a bracing truth here. Catch a great and fearless songwriter at the apex of his powers and delight in the discovery of a lesser-known masterpiece.

--Luis Alberto Urrea



ALBUQUERQUE'S DRAGS, WHO have more than a few friends 'n' fans in Tucson, specialize in drag strip rock wherein the garage-punk trash aesthetic has grown up a few years, dropped/kicked out of high school, and now hangs around the racetrack with other greasers, glue-sniffers, and James Dean-obsessed losers from the bad side of town. Contemporaries include the Gories, Blacktop, '68 Comeback, Mono Men, and our own Fells. On this CD or 10-inch EP expect: solid Mo Tuckerish drumming; frenetic, effects-free fretboard mangling; and psychotic reaction singing--or more accurately, "Allergic Reaction," as one song title instructs. That song, along with seven more, has a twisted charm damn hard to resist. Unfashionable, crude, retro and just about perfect.

--Fred Mills

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