Strip Search

Tim Miller presents a laugh-out-loud-but-moving performance piece colored by his first-hand knowledge of straight America's routine contempt for gays.
Margaret Regan

Sinking Sensation

Scotland Road at Invisible Theatre manages to make even the Titanic disaster seem boring.
Margaret Regan

Creative Befuddlement

Finding a landscape unexplored by modern man has become nearly impossible -- unless you manage to get lost.
Kevin Franklin

The Goose Is Cookin'

The Wild Goose is a tiny restuarant with big dreams and an even bigger heart.
Rebecca Cook

Wimp Rock

One of the great things our boy remembers about learning how to drive is pushing those buttons on the car radio.
Tom Danehy

Desert Links

DesertNet's collection of some of the Southwest's best websites and resources.

Chow Scan

Chow Scan is Tucson Weekly's selective guide to Tucson restaurants. Reviews are indexed both by category and alphabet and there are over 100 restaurants reviewed, so go grab yourself a fork and dig in.

Talk Back

Tell us what's hot and what's shot on the local arts scene. We're looking for your views on visual, theatrical, dance and God only knows what else created by the more refined souls among us.

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