Class Conflicts

Henry James' novel Washington Square translates well into a serious theatrical production.
Margaret Regan

Wicked Irish Wit

The setting may be a bar somewhere in America, as the program notes say, but A Couple of Blaguards really takes place in the hearts and minds of a pair of Irishmen.
Margaret Regan

Transcendental Tripping

What do funny Scottish hats and a desolate part of Arizona have in common?
Kevin Franklin

Gastronomic Oasis

Cielos, the newly opened restaurant in the Lodge on the Desert, offers an extraordinary opportunity to live well.
Rebecca Cook

News Break-Away

You shoulda been there -- no, really, you shoulda -- for the UA's landmark women's basketball victory.
Tom Danehy

Desert Links

DesertNet's collection of some of the Southwest's best websites and resources.

Chow Scan

Chow Scan is Tucson Weekly's selective guide to Tucson restaurants. Reviews are indexed both by category and alphabet and there are over 100 restaurants reviewed, so go grab yourself a fork and dig in.

Talk Back

Tell us what's hot and what's shot on the local arts scene. We're looking for your views on visual, theatrical, dance and God only knows what else created by the more refined souls among us.

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