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Best Outdoor Seating

Cup Café
308 E. 10th St.

READERS' PICK: See Best Café Ambiance.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Blue Willow Restaurant, Bakery and Poster Gallery, 2616 N. Campbell Ave.

CLUE IN: Tucson has no lack of strenuous hikes, heart-in-your-mouth climbs, and endurance-testing slogs into the desert. But for those seeking a less arduous outdoor adventure, we recommend the Casbah Tea House, 628 N. Fourth Ave. Sink into oversize cushions under an immense Middle-Eastern style tent, and you might think you've rubbed a magic lamp and been transported into a sultan's palace. True, if you wish to be fanned you have to bring your own palm fronds and servants; but the tasty organic food more than makes up for this oversight. So next time your hiking buddy calls you at 4 a.m., turn off the ringer and enjoy an outdoor expedition of a more civilized sort.

Case History

1997 Winner: The Blue Willow
1996 Winner: The Blue Willow

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