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Best Mural

Truly Nolen Exterminating, Inc.
3620 E. Speedway Blvd.

READERS' PICK: Have you ever wondered, perhaps coming back to earth from the spectacular heights of some pharmaceutical extravaganza--or perhaps just ruminating without artificial aids-- what the world looks like to a cricket? The mural on Truly Nolen's east wall offers westbound Speedway travelers an insect's view of the universe--which, to judge by the mural, consists of splashes of brilliant yellows and reds. The folks inside the building take these critters, of course, to be the mortal enemy of humankind; but the mural makes you think that the creepy-crawlies don't have it so bad...at least until the boys with the spray cans come a-calling. It's a masterpiece of local folk art, done with humor and intelligence, and well worth pulling off the road for a longer look.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: The interesting thing about Roses & More, 5501 E. Speedway Blvd., is that it's commercial art turned controversial: The City of Tucson filed a complaint against the plucky flower shop for crossing the line between art and advertising. The results of that skirmish are as yet unknown (to us, at least); but the mural is still intact...and our readers seem to be standing behind it.

CLUE IN: The opus painted on the old A&M Bailbonds building (945 W. Congress St.) gives us historic perspective on wayward men and the big-hearted women who love them. On the north end of the mural stand Jesse James and his wicked brother Frank, and a host of other famous Old West bad guys. On the south end, hankie in hand, is their salvation in a pink gown, digging into her purse. A&M Bailbonds is no longer in this location, so be sure to get a glimpse of this beauty before a new tenant moves in and changes the scene.

Case History

1997 Winner: Truly Nolen
1996 Winner: Truly Nolen
1995 Winner: Truly Nolan

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