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Best Art Gallery
Best Concert
Best Dinner Scene In A Play
Best Interactive Dance Performance
Best Leap Of Faith
Best Local Artist--Performing
Best Local Artist--Visual
Best Local Arts Administrator
Best Local Author
Best Local Dance Production
Best Local Theatre Production
Best Movie Theater
Best Mural
Best News About Desert Rock
Best Performance By A Visiting Dance Company
Best Performance Venue--Indoors
Best Performance Venue--Outdoors
Best Public Art Commission

Best Local Arts Administrator

David Hoyt Johnson
Tucson/Pima Arts Council

STAFF PICK: Gentlemanly David Johnson has a tough job overseeing the public art program for the city and county, but he calmly and ably negotiates the inevitable crossfire between politicians and artists. Knowledgeable and hard-working, Johnson is careful to put every single project, from bus stop to art bridge, through a rigorous series of public meetings. Obviously artists--and the public--don't always agree with the final choices that the selection panels make; but complaints against Johnson are almost non-existent. Artists who do get the commissions praise him for his insistence on giving artists due public credit; and artists who don't get the commissions praise him for his helpful post-mortems on their presentations. And he gets high marks from all for his ethics.

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