D GENERATION: For those who've been waiting to see what's next to emerge from the post-flannel, retro-infested mid '90s, there are promising indications we may be about to witness a renaissance of hyper kinetic hardcore. New York's neo-glam subway punks, D Generation, regenerate rock and roll with eyeliner and headliners L7 at the Paragon, 144 W. Lester, on November 6. Earlier this year black-clad D Generation toured with the Ramones as they bid adieu, opened gigs for the masters in make-up, KISS, and recently hit the road with Social Distortion, whom they'll resume touring with after a flurry of dates with L7.

Frenetic and furious, D Generation is Jesse Malin's vocals, Danny Sage and Richard Bacchus on guitars and vocals, Howie Pyro on bass, and Michael Wildwood on drums. A punk rock Cinderella story, D Generation formed in 1991, built a strong throng of support in the Big Apple, and eventually signed to EMI, which, after a great deal of foot dragging and no support, wound up dumping them the day their first album was due out in 1994. Thus screwed over, D Generation's self-titled first release has all but disappeared with no hope of retrieval, considering the fact that upon signing with Columbia, the band bought back the masters and ceremoniously dumped them in the East River. Then the group went to work on what could be considered their first real release, No Lunch. Produced by ex-Car Ric Ocasek, whose notable work includes Weezer, Bad Brains, Suicide and Bad Religion, the album is garnering rave reviews from Spin to Rolling Stone at the same time the band is building a big reputation for raucous, raunchy, raging stage shows.

Each song has all the grit, grime and caustic attitude of nasty New York packed into a two-minute punch in the throat, a punk rock comment on our declining western civilization. D Generation is the next generation of manic glam rockers/punk poppers to carry the torch of teen angst and dysfunctional disaffection. This D-ticket ride is $14.50 in advance. Call 622-5560 for more information.

HOT TICKET, DOWN UNDER: As part of the 10th annual Tucson Scottish Games and Celtic Festival, Australian Celtic pop rockers Brother make an appearance at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, November 2, at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 4831 E. 22nd St. Brother, the combined talents of Hamish, Angus, Fergus, and d'Albert Allen, features bagpipes and didgeridoos, as well as the more conventional four-piece set-up. The group plays a blended mix you'd probably find in the world music section. If you didn't catch them at Lollapalooza last year, you have another chance to see what's up their sleeves and under their kilts. Tickets are $10. Call 743-9291 for information.

LAST NOTES: A triple bill is three times the thrill at Club Congress Friday, November 1, with local favorites White Chrome Splendor accompanied by See Spot Groove and Chris Morrison's Bargain Town. With fabulous funk and terrific energy, See Spot Groove's in again from San Diego for their third appearance at the club, downtown at 311 E. Congress St.

Subpop recording artists Chixdiggit blast the Congress for a scintillating Sunday show on November 3. Bring your earplugs, sense of humor and two bucks to the door, and settle in for the fast action of songs like "I Wanna Hump You," "Hemp, Hemp Hooray" and "Toilet Seat's Coming Down."

Catch an early indie show at the Paragon Saturday, November 2, as Skankin' Pickle, MU330 and the Rudiments perform an all- ages show starting at 7 p.m. Skankin' Pickle rips out punk/ska that any fan of the Toasters or the Squirrel Nut Zippers must see. Tickets are $8 in advance, available at Dillard's and Zia Records.

Later Saturday night, Lick the Victor brings Johnny Macarchick, formerly of Low Max and Monkeys on Twang, front-and-center to open for Naked Prey at the Airport Lounge, where it's always a pleasure underground at the Plaza Pub, 20 E. Pennington St.

SAY WHAT? Musician magazine has just announced the judges panel for the 1997 Musician Best Unsigned Band Competition: Tori Amos, Joe Satriani, Bob Mould, Vince Gill and Buddy Guy. Somehow these five people are going to agree on the best unsigned band in any musical genre based on a two-song demo. As if that isn't enough, get this: The hotline number is 1-888-BUB-2WIN. You don't have to be an unsigned band member to give 'em a know you want to. TW

--Jennifer Murphy
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