October 31 - November 6, 1996


The Horror Behind The Mask

It's time cementhead Vicki Cox-Golder ended her masquerade.
By Jim Nintzel


Howls of outrage and squeals of delight from our astonished fans.


Bob Dole is about to get hammered as bad if not worse than George McGovern or Barry Goldwater when they ran for president against comparably amoral, but nonetheless popular presidents.
By Jeff Smith

The Skinny

US Worst--the sad saga continues...Are those hot babes at the League of Women Voters involved in a sinister international conspiracy?...Stupid political ads...And much more!

Prop Wash

Confused about the propositions? Well don't be--simply vote the way we tell you, and everything will be A-OK!
By Emil Franzi

TUSD Tussle

Looming over all the issues in the school board election: the effectiveness of court-ordered desegregation.
By Tim Vanderpool

The Cash Campaign

The wallets come out as the Pima County supervisors District 3 Donnybrook hits the final stretch.
By Jim Nintzel

Currents Forum

Here's your place to vent, Tucson webheads.

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