Volume 12, Number 23 . August 17 - August 23, 1995

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Currents Section

Missives from our adoring/outraged readers.

Blowing smoke.
By Jeff Smith

The Skinny
The slow death of kinky River Road continues apace...More high-priced Catalina high equipment is auctioned off...CAP reservor follies...And more!

Transfers Spell Trouble In TUSD
The folks at Tucson High are angry about the school board's heavy-handed way with popular Assistant Principal Robert Templin.
By Hannah Glasston

$igns O' The Times
Education--now there's an advertising concept!
By Dave Devine

High Flyin'
Tucson City Manager Mike Brown takes mega-bucks land speculator Don Diamond for a ride in a police helicopter.
By Emil Franzi

Oh, Danny Boy!
Three morons, one hanger-on, and Supervisor Dan Eckstrom manage to approve a $595-million county budget.
By Emil Franzi

City Week Section

City Week
Big doings in Tucson for the week of August 17 - August 23.

Eighth Day
Lotsa T-shirt bargains amid the moral turpitude in our nation's capital.
By Hannah Glasston

Cheap Thrills
Fun things to do that won't cost a fortune.

City Week Listings
Tucson's most extensive list of what's going on.

Music Section

Jerry's Kid
The was bound to come. It was only a matter of time.
By Jim Lipsom

A cast of millions.
By Michael Metzger

Quick Scans
Blackmoon Graffiti, Friends of Dean Martinez, Matt Griffin.

Club Listings
What's happening at the local hot spots for the week of August 17 - August 23.

Review Section

Moist Muse
Water plays an important role in the works of several artists now showing at Local 803 Artisan's Gallery.
By Margaret Regan

Jill Ann Smith seems awfully cheerful about the Tucson arts scene, given the fact that her gallery just went belly up.
By Margaret Regan

A profile of Bob McGrath, a world-class cheft at the Sheraton Phoenician's Windows on the Green.
By M.F. Munday

Out There
You, too, can play archaeologist at Raven Site, an ancient pueblo overlooking the Little Colorado River.
By Kevin Franklin

It's hard to this hip dude to get all weepy over Jerry Garcia's final fade-out.
By Tom Danehy

Cinema Section

Dangerous Minds
Michelle Pfeiffer has a bunch of marginalized teens performing like trained seals in the new film Dangerous Minds.
By Zachary Woodruff

Film Clips
Check out our capsule reviews packed with links to the hottest movie home pages on the Web.

Film Times
What's showing right now on local screens for the week of August 17 - August 23

Back Page Section

Real Astrology
Astrology for the week of August 17 - August 23

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August 17 - August 23, 1995

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