August 17 - August 23, 1995

PERHAPS THE COOLEST perk we've ever heard of is having a police helicopter at your disposal.

Tucson City Manager Mike "The Spike" Brown admits that several months ago he employed a TPD chopper and pilot to take himself, legendary land speculator Don Diamond and Diamond assistant Chris Monson on a sky-high tour of Diamond's proposed Rocking K development.

Brown says he wanted to see what Diamond had in mind and, "It made sense to see it from the air." Brown says he considered the whirlybird tour "very effective" in helping him understand the mega-millionaire Diamond's "vision."

We suspect that Diamond was at least somewhat impressed by how far Brown would go in burning taxpayer money to kiss his ass. Last time we checked, police helicopters weren't appropriate vehicles for land-use issues, particularly for eye-balling a development that isn't even within city limits.

Perhaps Brown should now bill Diamond for the cost of this trip, or at least charge it to the city's annexation budget.

And as for understanding Diamond's "vision," you don't need an expensive helicopter thrill--all you have to do is stop by the nearest bank and stare at the vault.

Of course, the ultimate perk for the politically powerful Diamond will come when city taxpayers are forced to pick up the tens of millions in infrastructure costs for his grandiose dump on the local desert ecology, thanks in no small part, we're sure, to the help of his taxpayer-supported toady, Brown.
--Emil Franzi

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August 17 - August 23, 1995

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