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Best Sports Bar

Famous Sam's
12 Locations

READERS' PICK: To many of us, the thought of sitting in a bar watching a ballgame while fans of the winning and losing teams drink themselves into an uproar and/or stupor, doesn't sound all that appealing. But somehow, Famous Sam's makes it seem almost American. Maybe it's because a trip to Sam's is a friendly excursion, a visit to an old friend. They're all well-lighted, upbeat and harmless. Lots of TV screens, good sight angles, friendly food servers, and good food. Here's a tip: Ask around and try to avoid the Sam's outlets wherein congregate Dallas Cowboys fans. No matter how good Sam's chicken strips are, for our nickel they can't overcome a Cowboy crowd.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Sakura Teppan Steak & Sushi, 6534 E. Tanque Verde Road

CLUE IN: Here's the deal: You want to watch the game, but you're home all alone without benefit of the cat calls and commiseration of your fellow fans--and to make matters worse, the refrigerator is showing an appalling lack of food and brew. What's a poor, demented sports fan to do? Before you cross the line of scrimmage into total despair, jump in the car and drive with due haste to Box Seats Pub & Grill, 8848 E. Tanque Verde Road. No matter which game you were watching, you'll find it playing on one of several television screens scattered around the restaurant. In addition, you'll find your TV-viewing teammates, as well as the requisite contingent of jersey-clad members of opposing fandom. Before you know it, you'll have beer in front of you, a passel of new pals, and a front-row seat to victory (or defeat, as it were). During football season, Box Seats opens early with a short-but-hearty breakfast menu, and then transitions sometime around the second game into serious burger mode. Of course, ordering off the extensive regular menu--which contains items ranging from a simple green salad to gargantuan portions of grilled meat and several pasta dishes--is also available. An appetizer of crispy duck strips with mustard sauce, along with a frosty mug of suds, will kick things off in grand fashion. Lest you worry that the atmosphere is not conducive to the wholesome development of young children, rest assured that Box Seats strives to be a more family-friendly pub. Rowdier gatherings usually retreat into the smoky confines of the windowed bar, leaving the main dining room more suitable for mixed-age groups. There's no need to ever cheer alone again--your box seat at the next game is ready and waiting.

Case History

1997 Winner: The Home Plate Sports Pub
1996 Winner: Famous Sam's
1995 Winner: Famous Sam's

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