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Rillito River Park

STAFF PICK: Technically, there's not a single place in Pima County where you can let your pup roam freely on public land. That's a tough piece of rawhide for our four-legged friends to chew. But there is a place that, for the most part, you can let the pooch stretch his legs without bothering any fellow park users: the sandy expanses of the Rillito riverbed. The steep, soil-cement walls on either side of the wash serve as a natural containment area, and keep loose dogs from troubling joggers, pedestrians and cyclists. Of course, the same attributes that benefit dog owners--isolation, vegetation, openness--also serve the local coyote population. Coyotes generally avoid conflict, but if you have a moist and tender lap-dog, it's something to consider before venturing into the wash in the lesser daylight hours.

Case History

1997 Winner: Rillito River Park
1996 Winner: Rillito River Park
1995 Winner: Rillito Wash

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