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Best Deal On A Summer Cooler

A Backyard Stock Tank

STAFF PICK: Available at any feed supply for under $100, this is the one indispensable item for surviving the summer in Tucson. Placed in a shady spot and filled with water, this can seriously modify your summer mood. When the monsoons come and the cooler stops cooling, a five-minute soak in the cold stock tank can bring your body temperature back down to 98.6. Fatties take note! A dip in the stock tank can cool down your body fat to below normal body temperature, and that layer of chilled insulation stays cool for quite awhile after you get out (this is our argument in favor of the donut diet as bikini season approaches). We recommend the two seater: about 6 feet long by 3 feet deep, it comfortably accommodates two friends. Once a week or so the water gets skanky, mossy and full of mosquito larvae, so you'll want to recycle that water into the shade trees you planted (you have planted trees, haven't you?) and start fresh.

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