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Best Transmigration Of A Morning Show

Mike Rapp
KNST--AM, 790

STAFF PICK: Tired of the same old drive-time formats with very little music, lots of talk, occasional contests, and traffic updates? Then tune in to Mike Rapp on KNST. The long-time morning jock on hard-rocking KLPX-FM has effortlessly made the transition to morning news host, and while we miss his the perennially popular KLPX Morning Show with Mike & Tyler, we were pleasantly surprised to find his friendly voice still making it's way over the airwaves (from 5:30 to 9 a.m. every weekday morning). Rapp rules over a heady mix of news, sports, weather traffic, and callers discussing the news of the day. It's an interesting format--one which could be disastrous in the hands of a dork. But Rapp's savoir faire, intelligence and humor shine through and make for a pleasant morning drive. We just wish his callers were a little smarter.

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