Best Radio Station For Music

KXCI--91.3 FM

READERS' AND STAFF PICK: No radio station in Tucson comes close to playing the extraordinary assortment of music KXCI dispatches on the airwaves every day. Tune in at a given moment and you might hear a Stevie Ray Vaughn electric guitar riff to a Thelonius Monk jazz beat to an Indigo Girls harmony. The secret behind KXCI's musical resourcefulness lies in its army of volunteers. Behind each unique show you can find someone who fervently loves the music for which only KXCI creates an outlet, from gospel to techno, bluegrass to blues, salsa to rockabilly.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Officially it's KKHG--104.1 FM. The Hog, as most people know it, came out of nowhere and muscled its way near the top of the local radio heap in its first year of operation. The key is in the programming, and whoever's doing it (we know they're from out-of-state) has a solid ear for what listeners want to hear. The music on the Hog is mostly '70s rock, lots of Zeppelin, Stones, Eagles and Clapton. We listen to them all the time in the car.

Case History

1998 Winner: KFMA--92.1 FM
1997 Winner: KFMA--92.1 FM
1996 Winner: KFMA--92.1 FM

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