Best Radio Station For News

KNST-AM, 790

READERS' PICK: Most local radio stations give news, weather, and traffic updates in the morning; but KNST gives nothing but. This sets them apart in a big way, and for news junkies there's nothing like it in town (with the possible exception of NPR). KNST offers local news, national news, features and sports, as well as the requisite weather and traffic. And they do so for hours during morning drive-time. Of course, then they turn around and challenge our feelings of goodwill and credibility by running that clod Rush Limbaugh, but that's another matter. For those who like their national news in William Shatner-like staccato delivery, tune-in to Paul Harvey at noon. He has the rest of the story.


Case History

1997 Winner: KNST 790-AM
1996 Winner: KUAT/KUAZ
1995 Winner: KUAT/KUAZ

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