Art In The Open

Tucson is adjusting to the idea that art in public places is a worthwhile thing to do.
Margaret Regan

The First-Ever Tucson Weekly Sex Survey

Feel free to bare your soul in this anonymous, highly unscientific poll.
The Editors


Howls of outrage and squeals of delight from our astonished fans.

Grumpy Old Men

As grumpy old men go, Mo Udall was a complete failure. Now Jeff Dytko was a different story.
Jeff Smith

The Skinny

State Sen. Ann Day comes down hard on the side of the Growth Lobby...More on who's running for what...And more!

It Works On Paper

Jean Nielsen saw all those used romance novels piling up at Bookman's, and suddenly the idea struck her-why not build a house out of 'em!
Kay Sather

Cop Shop Contest

Tucson's two cop unions prepare to duke it out once again.
Dave Devine

Talk Back

Miffed at Smith? Scratch your chinny at The Skinny? Don't let things fester--get them off your chest here.

This Modern World

An off-site link to Tom Tomorrow's fabulous political cartoon.

Jim Hightower

An off-site link to the home page of Jim Hightower, whose populist musings often appear in the Weekly.

Desert Links

DesertNet's collection of some of the Southwest's best websites and resources.

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